Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey Guys! | week 43

Well you guys are tired that means it was a good week in Utah! I was thinking about you all this week. Glad everything went well! Loving the Bartons backyard I have only seen it once in the middle of Winter hahaha.

Ahh Thinking about grandpa Cahoon right now. I wasnt sure how his health was doing. I hope that he will stick it out for another year or so so I can see him again. Tell him that I say hi and that I love him. My prayers will be with him and all the family.

Bummer Rilo that you got sick. That is always the worst when you get sick on vacation. Its not fun in the mission either. What do you have flu? Love you Brother!

Yeah I can kind of relate to your feeling about home Mom..... hahahah. To be completely honest I cant really fathom what it would be like to be in the United States hahah. I cannot beleive that im going to be coming up on a year in the mission. WHAT HAPPENED! I was telling my companion this week that I feel weird to be turning 20 years old. That just sounds so old to me haha!

Well we had a great week this week. The Lord has really blessed us this week. I feel like Im starting completely over here in Acatan. When I got here there were about two or three real investigators and thats it. Haha. We have been trying some different ways to find some more people to teach. One afternoon we took a little time to make little business cards with our names numbers and information on different types of service we can provide. Like cleaning houses, teaching english ect hahah. We spent about six hours this week knocking doors seeing if we could give some kind of service. Well no one let us in all week hahaha. they all have doorbells with speakers and cameras. Pretty funny most of them answer tell us no and they dont even have to open their front door. We had a few people who might be interested in english classed for their kids so we will see! I feel like many of the blessing we received this week came from our extra effort to contact and open our mouths to everyone around us.

We are working with an Investigator named M. Oh Wow she is so amazing! The elders have been visiting her on and off for about three months now. Her daughter went to Germany to do the same thing Jamie Vanwagenen did and got baptized! Her Daughter is amazing and always skypes her mom telling her about the church and the book of mormon. The last two or three visits we have had with her she has really opened up. Everytime that we have visited her just randomly after fallen citas she has just gotten off the computer with her daughter. She was freaking out because the same chapters we leave and read with her in the Book of Mormon her daughter has mentioned the same exact day. Its amazing how the Lord sends his messengers and his message at the perfect time. She asked us how we were so connected with her daughter hahahah. Later in the week she broke down in tears and told us how much she wants to change and come closer to the Savior. She said " Ok ok you guys have got me Im going to come to church on Sunday I Promise" hahaha Thats exactly what she did. Bought a skirt and everything too! Sunday was amazing she already knew a ton of members in the ward and just loved it. Elder M and I could not wipe the smile off of our faces. Everything went so well in her classes and she just left glowing! With all of the struggles past elders and we have had to get the work moving here in this area it was so great to have someone new in the Chapel. I really have learned to appreciate these moments in the mission. Its simple things like bringing someone to church for the first time. Smiling, Laughing, and feeling the spirit. Thats what life is all about. I wish you guys could meet Maira hahah. We also got two new family references this week. It has been almost impossible to get references here and somehow we got six this last week. The Lord is really blessing us right now.

Oh good moment this week. As we were crossing the "Barranco" this week I completely ate it hahahaha. My feet started sliding and caught a root hahaha. Fell super hard. It was so dang funny my comp and I could not stop laughing. That was the first time that I have fallen in my whole mission. Graceful.

Sad news this week. And elder Died in coban on Tuesday. Im not sure if you guys have heard about this yet. Elder Burton was in an accident on his way to a service project in Coban. He was a ZL there. He broke his legs and his back. They rushed him to the hospital here in the capital where he went into surgery for six hours. He came out good and was recovering on Sunday night. They were worried that he wouldnt be able to walk again. It really was such a miracle up to this point. Monday night he had heart problems and passed away. We got a call early Tuesday morning that we needed to get the zone together to read a letter from President Watts. Where he informed us of what happened the night before. I had the oppourtunity to meet him a couple times. Everyone i ever talked to said he was a great missionary. Keep his family in your prayers I cannot imagine what his Mother and Father are feeling. I know that his mom was on her way here when he passed away. He is serving his Father in Heaven in the spirit wold. Keep Elder G in your prayers too he was his companion in Peten for a while. I talked to him the other night and is doing good.

I love you guys so much. I love this work. We have seen so many blessings from the lord this last week. Keep praying, reading, and doing what the Savior would do. We can only find true peace and joy in this life as we come unto the Savior and live his gospel. I am so grateful for this short time I have to serve as a full time missionary. Love you all!

If I dont write the next monday its because we changed our P day to Tuesday. Me and Elder M are trying to get a temple trip planned for the zone next Tuesday. So if I dont write monday I will write Tuesday hahah

Love you all so much. SMILE

Elder Hughes

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