Monday, October 6, 2014

Well Well Well Week 105 | week 105

Hey Guys!

Thanks for the email Mom. I always have felt your love through your letters. I want to thank you and Dad. There has not been a single week that I have not received a well written love filled email. Thank you. I love you all!

Thanks for the homecoming pictures! I still cannot beleive that Riley is a senior this year. Im excited to see my brothers! Well I feel good. Pretty exciting this week to hit the two year milestone. Now Im in bonus time. Im very grateful that I have been given the oppourtunity to serve my Savior. I am taking advantage of everyday I can wake up in the morning and put that nametag on.

We had a very busy week! It was tough for us to get into a rythmn with leadership counicil on Tuesday and lots of unplanned suprises. Sometimes life is just Crazy! I just loved General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. So inspiring. It was amazing to see how everyone talked about following the prophet and supporting him. I am grateful to my father in Heaven for a living Prophet that we have to guide us in these latter days. The earth is filled with uncertainty and lots of problems and setbacks. The good thing is the Lord has not left us alone. We have a guide!

Some of my thoughts on the Conference....

I loved Elder Hollands talk on Saturday! I have been able to really come to a better understanding here in Guatemala on the effects of poverty. I like elder Holland have cried with and for these people.

I felt uplifted by Elder Scotts talk on Sunday. He talked about the four tools we must have in order to have peace in this world. 1. Prayer 2. Daily Scripture Study 3. Family Home evening 4. Temple attendance. I love what he said. "Dont listen to the lies that satan tells you. That there is no time. It is a lie. Make time and we will feel peace in our hearts" Or something like that Im just quoting from my memory.

I loved Elder Ballards talk and of course I thought of you dad! Rafting! And I love rule number one "Always stay in the boat" hahaha Where have I heard that from?

As for some of the investigators. The L family is doing so awesome! They came to conference on Sunday Morning! We were so happy! They are reading their scriptures and really progressing. We havent been able to set a baptismal date but they are looking like at the end of this month!

We have felt how the spirit has guided us to people and members who needed some help. There is a family here that is going through some intense problems. We with the bishop have met with them. It has been amazing to see how the spirit supports and calms the afflicted soul.

We had the oppourtunity this week to speak at a funeral service with the Bishop. The Bishop here just loves his missionaries and we are like his little body guards haha. We spoke at the funeral of a Mom of one of the members here. I had met here on a couple of occations and even taught here the plan of salvation a while back. IT was a cool experience and we were able to testify and teach lots of nonmembers. Im so grateful for the wonderful knowledge that I have of the plan of happiness! Oh how it comforts the soul!

Well I love you all so much. I have lots of mixed feeling right now going into the last full week on the mission. Thank for all that you do. I love my Savior and this glorious work. It is true. 

See you soon!

Elder Hughes