Monday, October 29, 2012

Week Three 1/2 | I'm in Guatemala!!!

* a little side note . . . because Tanner is typing on a spanish keyboard, he obviously isn't capitalizing anything! I added a few punctuation marks, but decided to leave his letter as written. Hopefully he will figure out the keyboard!

Hola family and friends!

Well I'm in the guatemala ccm and doing well. it is still bizzare sometimes that im in another country woah! it was crazy when we walked out of the airport guatemala city there were like two hundred people just standing outside and as we were walking to our (old stick shift school bus) we got like bombarded by people asking for money and trying to sell us stuff. crazy! a kid started shining my shoes for two dollars and then claimed i didnt pay him even though he ripped me off, haha, i feel like i'm on a different planet here. it couldnt get any more different than in the states. ha! i love the ccm here, this place is awesome. its like one big family and the latinos are all so fun and nice! i already love these people so much.

there are literally armed guards protecting this place and we hear sirens of police trucks driving by all day. haha, my new district is good and i have two new companions, elder h and elder g, both guys are awesome and we get along well. elder h is a beast at spanish, his mom is from puerto rico so he can speak really well, so he has been helping me alot. the food here is amazing but all the americans here have digestive problems all the time. we just are not used to the food yet. haha. ive been told just expect problems your whole mission, the fruit here tastes so good makes me realize how bad our fruit is in the us. i play futbol with all the latinos here they are like crazy good its not even funny. i can hold my own, i scored yesterday! the ccm here is not big at all, actually very small but i like it alot!

my spanish is already improving alot here. it was really tough at first cause our teachers are native and spanish sounds alot different at first with all the natives and teachers. im getting used to it more now. i think that will help me when i get out in the field to adjust quicker. i have heard tons of good stuff here about my mission, they literally issue you a machete when you go to the mission home so thats sweet. im so excited! it was kind of a shock the first day here it is just way different but im used to it and doing well. i already just love these people so much! the natives are so nice and humble. sorry i am not used to these keyboards so nothing is capitalized. sorry mom haha! 

so obviously my pday is saturday. ok mail takes like twelve days to get here. and then twelve to get back to the states. but we do get dear elders once a week so thats probably the best way to write me while im here. they take away our cameras here so wont be able to take or send any more pics until i get into the field so thats kind of lame, but o well you will get alot of them in a few weeks.

i really have a testimony of this gospel. ive been thinking alot about prayer this week. i have used prayer so much in my time already as a missionary. sincere daily prayers are so important, our father in heaven wants to hear from us and i know he will answer all of our prayers. i love my savior jesus christ and I LOVE being a missionary. i feel so priviledged to share this good news with the people here in guatemala i love them already! i liked this quote ¨´there is nothing like a mission in all the world. enjoy every moment the good and the bad´" i think that applies to life too! thats what im trying to do! i am a happy guy and i love GUATEMALA!!!!!!

love you all so much and i pray for you daily!!! thanks for everything 


elder hughes

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week Three | A quick note from the Guatemala MTC

We were able to talk to Tanner on Tuesday from the Salt Lake Airport as he was on his way to Guatemala. It was so wonderful to hear his voice, listen to him talk about his time in the Provo MTC and feel of the sweet spirit that he has. He sounds so different already! We didn't want our time to end, and we all cried as we hung up, but it was GREAT! 

*this letter was pretty funny, it was typed on a spanish keyboard and I am not sure it all translated correctly and he was obviously in a hurry! enjoy!

Hola familia! sorry if this email is like not capitalized this
keyboard is in spanish haha i made it safely to guatemala. im in
another country holy moly. traveled well and was able to do some
missionary work along the way gave out a bom! it was crazy when we got
here tons of people trying to sell us everything shining our shoes
ahhh ok i only have ten minutes to email today just to say im here but
i get time on saturday to send a full one! i am doing well it is
definetly way different here. i have two new companions and the food
is super good! kind of overwhelming all over again for all of us new
missionaries here at the ccm the spanish they speak here sounds
totally different than what we are all used to. but doing well im
super tired today and adjusting. but so excited to be here! the city
is crazy really loud and busy all night long. and there really are
like 4 armed guards with machine guns protecting us here so dont worry
mom we are safe ha! the schedule and like how they do things here is
very different but good! its fun talking to all the latinos here they
are all so nice! i love the people here already!!!! i will send all
the details on saturday! love you all so much! and i loved talking
yesterday!!! love elder hughes ps.... mail doesnt get here for twelve
days lammmme!!!! but you can send dear elders and i should get them
once a week

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week Two | Last Email from the Provo MTC!!!

Well week two is in the books and time is just flying by. I have had a good week, just been working really hard. The mission can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes but I am loving it! Ok, I got my Travel Plans!!! WoooHooo! So here they are: I leave on Tuesday October 23rd, 2012. I leave the MTC here at 8AM and fly out of Salt Lake at 12:15. My first flight arrives in Dallas Texas at 3:50. I then leave Dallas at 4:55 to Guatemala City. I get in around 7:05. So a big day of travel! I'm stuck in between excited and nervous, Ha! Everyone I have talked to about the Guatemala MTC says its awesome so I'm excited to see for myself. I think I will switch companions there and from what I've heard they really never speak english there. Its like all spanish, so that will be an adventure. I think it will help me accelerate learning the language though! I'm excited to call you guys too! Oh my gosh I cant wait, I LOVE you guys. When do you think the best time to call will be? I'm thinking maybe around 9:30 or 10 when I get all checked into the gate and just waiting in SLC! Send a dear elder to let me know!
Well a little bit about my week. I have been running into tons of people I know like randomly, its crazy! I saw Chase when I was coming back from the soccer field for gym time the other day, so crazy! Love that guy! And then on Sunday on my temple walk David Speth was up around the temple Ha! All of a sudden I see little Austin Clark run by I was like WHAT! Is that a clark boy haha! HE started freaking, out it was funny. So got to see Zach Harless and Dean wooo! Dean gave me like the biggest pick me up bear hug ever, it was awesome! Loved that. So how is the spanish coming... I am doing well, the spirit helps you learn so fast here but that does not come without alot of work. I have spent a crazy amount of time studying. I can pretty much understand everything my teachers and investigators tell me in spanish and my speaking is getting better. Now teaching and bringing others unto Christ can be tough sometimes but I am learning and getting alot better. I'm lucky all that spanish in High School is paying off. I am definitely one of the best speakers in my district but I attribute that all to the spanish I took. So Riley, study spanish hard in High School it will pay off I promise. I really have so much more I have to learn and I think the Guatemala MTC is going to be a challenge at first with no english really. But with the Lords help I know I can do it. I continue to grow spiritually here, there are times already that are very difficult and frustrating but I can tell you nothing is more important than personal scripture study and prayer. You can receive revealation from our Heavenly Father if we honestly seek for and have questions in your heart when reading the scriptures.
Thanks Voges and Mom for the package, ah I got it on monday. Thank you guys so much. I Love you guys. And Thanks Buxtons for your Halloween Card, you guys are the best!
Going to the temple really helped me this morning. I love that place it really helps me clear my mind and reset. I dont really have any crazy stories to tell, MTC life is pretty standard. I spend lots of time studying and just working. I love the devotionals here we have them every Sunday and Tuesday nights. Shayne Bowen of the seventy came and gave a great talk. One line that stood out to me. I want Christ to say "Father Im not much but im obedient" I have been trying so hard to set the foundation in the first two weeks of how my mission is going to be. Obedience to the mission rules and hard work is so important. I still have so much I need to improve but I feel the Lord shaping my mission and me personally already.
This week is gonna be kind of crazy going to Guatemala but I'm excited! Its starting to get real and I think when I touch down in Guatemala City its go time. I have so much work to do the next three weeks, so I will be prepared to be an effective missionary when I get into the field. I talk to people here about guatemala alot, 'm so pumped!
WOW! Zach and Riley great job guys! Zach just killing it in his last race, that a boy! And Riley your a stud getting up and speaking in stake conference! Beast! Mom, I'm so glad your business is taking off, you're so talented! Gosh, I love you MOM!
Dad Kindney stones, Holy Moly! Thats not good at all. I've been praying for you alot. Dad I have been thinking about you alot this week. You are the most humble hard working man I've ever met. I'm actually kind of emotional writing this right now. It hit me this week I have the best dad in the world. You have given me such a good example to follow. YOU are a real man. Thanks for everything you have done for me. You don't give yourself enough credit sometimes. Dad this is our mission and I'm excited to tell you all about it, we can live it together!!! Love you
Well not much time left.... I'm doing well and this week should be a great one! Guatemala AHHHH!  I cant wait to talk to you guys on Tuesday. Mom make sure everyone gets my address and stuff, I would love to hear from people. Letters are like gold out here they literally just make your day so much better especially if it has been a tough one! Send me a Dear Elder about calling and stuff for Tuesday!
I know this Church is true! I love being a missionary and I am commited to helping others come unto Christ. I know that my redeemer lives and loves each and everyone one of us. Love one another, that is what is most important.
Everyone please write I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hasta Luego! Next time from Guatemala Woo!

Elder Hughes

Thursday, October 11, 2012

first p-day email | week one

Hola!! From the MTC!!
Well I'm a Missionary woah! It kind of hits me all of a sudden sometimes. Finally got a chance to email home. My zones P Day is on Thursday, I sent you guys a letter on Friday I think but not sure if it made it there. Time is kind of odd here at the MTC you have the longest days and the shortest weeks.
Alright first off I LOVE being a missionary. And I love it here at the MTC this place is amazing. To kind of summarize some of the highlights of the first nine days here. Wow last Wendsday was probably the longest day of my life. Ive heard the analogy of the first couple days feeling literally like a firehose was being shot at your head. And thats probably the best and only way to describe it. You get all your stuff meet your companion, teachers (who never talk to you in english when you get there) and adjust to mission life. Everyone tells you just get to Sunday and you will be fine Ha! It was overwhelming at first but I adjust pretty quickly.
My companion Elder R is good! Honestly we are very different from eachother. Which has been interesting sometimes but we are getting along fine. I Love this guy. The branch president told me that they beleive I was assigned to Elder for a specific and Inspired reason and I would have to agree.
General Conference this weekend was AMAZING! Like usual. What an awesome announcement about the new mission ages! You should have seen the reaction of 2,000 missionaries in the auditorium. WOW! I think that is so cool for the Sisters I know many who will be even more willing to serve. And let me tell you Sister Missionaries are the best. There is a Sister in my district who literallty sold everything she owns to come on a mission. Wow! Also singing called to serve with 2000 other missionaries is incredible!

 Tuesday night for devotional an Apostle named David A Bednar stopped by the MTC, no big deal! Amazing guy and an incredible speaker.
Daily life in the MTC is pretty much always the same. I spend around ten hours a day inside our classroom studying and learning spanish. There is really no time to get homesick we are going non stop all day. There are some nights I climb into bed and just die for eight hours and then somehow I feel energized the next morning. Missionaries are blessed. My district is great we have me, my companion, and three other sisters going to Guatemala City North and then three elders to Nicuragua and two elders going to Pennsylvania.
Spiritually I have never felt the spirtit more repeatedly and clearly than here at the MTC. I have felt the spirit daily as we learn about our purpose and study the scriptures. Throughout Genereral Conference through singing and the messages given the spirit has been very strong. I feel so privelidged to be apart of this "marvelous work and a wonder".
I do see Taylor about once a day. We usually see eachother in the cafeteria so thats sweet! I have seen Hermana Johnson, Elder Sterri, and Elder Fletcher around!
Spanish is coming along... we have already taught three lessons in spanish crazy! We taught on Friday two days after we got here ive never been so scared haha! But I am starting to pick things up. It can be pretty scary sometimes thinking about the language but I know through Jesus Christ I can do this. I know I cant on my own thats for sure.
Thanks Rachel Buxton and The Harless' for sending letters, I cant tell you guys how nice it is to get one here at the MTC. Just makes your day. So everyone write. I promise I will write back!!
Wow good luck on cross country finals Zach! And Riley I know you will do great on your talk. Just prepare and pray as hard as you can to have the holy ghost there to help you. I know you will kill it! I will be praying for you. It was so nice to go to the temple today too!
Mi testimonio
Yo se que Jesuchristo es mi salvador y mi redentor. Estoy muy agredicido por mi familia y el evangelio en mi vida. Me amo Jesuchristo y estoy muy agredecido por la expacion. Yo se que familias son eternos. En el nombre de jesuchristo amen.
I LOVE you guys. Mom and Dad you are the best parents in the world. I LOVE being a missionary so much and the MTC is awesome. I am so happy! This church is true and I feel so blessed to be able to share it with others.
Have a great week! I pray for all you guys!
Love, Elder Hughes!!
PS on a side funny note. I wrestled with a 3time Utah state wrestling champ in my zone! Of course this ended with a bloody nose!
Elder Tuttle is my roomate and is such a great guy! But he snores louder than anyone ive ever met in my life. The room literally shakes! Its awesome!! I think the rictor scale measured a good 7 HA!
Hasta Luego!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the first letter . . .

Tanner's first letter arrived today!

Hola mi Familia!

Just quickly writing to let you know I'm doing well. Day one at the MTC was very overwhelming but this is normal everyone says. I have a good companion, Elder R, he is a pretty chill guy. Sometimes he can be really quiet but that's okay, he will open up. I love my district of 12 missionaries already! We have 4 sisters and 8 elders. The MTC is tough work, they definitely keep you busy. I don't have much time to write but I will email home on Thursday, that's when my p-day is next week. I can already tell I'm going to LOVE being a missionary. The spirit is so strong here it's incredible. I love you guys so much!! I know I will need to rely on the Lord a lot on my mission. Even after one day I can already tell this will be the hardest thing I've ever done. But I will LOVE it! Thanks for all the treats you guys snuck into my bag! HA! I'm praying for you guys! Love you Dad, Mom, Riley & Zach!!

Elder Tanner Hughes

Monday, October 8, 2012

"we'll see you soon . . . "

Elder Hughes & Elder Hughes entered the MTC on October 3, 2012. I think it was one of the hardest days. I also know it was one of the best days. A day we had looked forward to for so long. I look back at these pictures and feel so much comfort as I see the smile on their faces and the way they were whisked away by such great young men. We didn't want to say "goodbye" just "we'll see you soon!"