Monday, October 29, 2012

Week Three 1/2 | I'm in Guatemala!!!

* a little side note . . . because Tanner is typing on a spanish keyboard, he obviously isn't capitalizing anything! I added a few punctuation marks, but decided to leave his letter as written. Hopefully he will figure out the keyboard!

Hola family and friends!

Well I'm in the guatemala ccm and doing well. it is still bizzare sometimes that im in another country woah! it was crazy when we walked out of the airport guatemala city there were like two hundred people just standing outside and as we were walking to our (old stick shift school bus) we got like bombarded by people asking for money and trying to sell us stuff. crazy! a kid started shining my shoes for two dollars and then claimed i didnt pay him even though he ripped me off, haha, i feel like i'm on a different planet here. it couldnt get any more different than in the states. ha! i love the ccm here, this place is awesome. its like one big family and the latinos are all so fun and nice! i already love these people so much.

there are literally armed guards protecting this place and we hear sirens of police trucks driving by all day. haha, my new district is good and i have two new companions, elder h and elder g, both guys are awesome and we get along well. elder h is a beast at spanish, his mom is from puerto rico so he can speak really well, so he has been helping me alot. the food here is amazing but all the americans here have digestive problems all the time. we just are not used to the food yet. haha. ive been told just expect problems your whole mission, the fruit here tastes so good makes me realize how bad our fruit is in the us. i play futbol with all the latinos here they are like crazy good its not even funny. i can hold my own, i scored yesterday! the ccm here is not big at all, actually very small but i like it alot!

my spanish is already improving alot here. it was really tough at first cause our teachers are native and spanish sounds alot different at first with all the natives and teachers. im getting used to it more now. i think that will help me when i get out in the field to adjust quicker. i have heard tons of good stuff here about my mission, they literally issue you a machete when you go to the mission home so thats sweet. im so excited! it was kind of a shock the first day here it is just way different but im used to it and doing well. i already just love these people so much! the natives are so nice and humble. sorry i am not used to these keyboards so nothing is capitalized. sorry mom haha! 

so obviously my pday is saturday. ok mail takes like twelve days to get here. and then twelve to get back to the states. but we do get dear elders once a week so thats probably the best way to write me while im here. they take away our cameras here so wont be able to take or send any more pics until i get into the field so thats kind of lame, but o well you will get alot of them in a few weeks.

i really have a testimony of this gospel. ive been thinking alot about prayer this week. i have used prayer so much in my time already as a missionary. sincere daily prayers are so important, our father in heaven wants to hear from us and i know he will answer all of our prayers. i love my savior jesus christ and I LOVE being a missionary. i feel so priviledged to share this good news with the people here in guatemala i love them already! i liked this quote ¨´there is nothing like a mission in all the world. enjoy every moment the good and the bad´" i think that applies to life too! thats what im trying to do! i am a happy guy and i love GUATEMALA!!!!!!

love you all so much and i pray for you daily!!! thanks for everything 


elder hughes

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