Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week Two | Last Email from the Provo MTC!!!

Well week two is in the books and time is just flying by. I have had a good week, just been working really hard. The mission can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes but I am loving it! Ok, I got my Travel Plans!!! WoooHooo! So here they are: I leave on Tuesday October 23rd, 2012. I leave the MTC here at 8AM and fly out of Salt Lake at 12:15. My first flight arrives in Dallas Texas at 3:50. I then leave Dallas at 4:55 to Guatemala City. I get in around 7:05. So a big day of travel! I'm stuck in between excited and nervous, Ha! Everyone I have talked to about the Guatemala MTC says its awesome so I'm excited to see for myself. I think I will switch companions there and from what I've heard they really never speak english there. Its like all spanish, so that will be an adventure. I think it will help me accelerate learning the language though! I'm excited to call you guys too! Oh my gosh I cant wait, I LOVE you guys. When do you think the best time to call will be? I'm thinking maybe around 9:30 or 10 when I get all checked into the gate and just waiting in SLC! Send a dear elder to let me know!
Well a little bit about my week. I have been running into tons of people I know like randomly, its crazy! I saw Chase when I was coming back from the soccer field for gym time the other day, so crazy! Love that guy! And then on Sunday on my temple walk David Speth was up around the temple Ha! All of a sudden I see little Austin Clark run by I was like WHAT! Is that a clark boy haha! HE started freaking, out it was funny. So got to see Zach Harless and Dean wooo! Dean gave me like the biggest pick me up bear hug ever, it was awesome! Loved that. So how is the spanish coming... I am doing well, the spirit helps you learn so fast here but that does not come without alot of work. I have spent a crazy amount of time studying. I can pretty much understand everything my teachers and investigators tell me in spanish and my speaking is getting better. Now teaching and bringing others unto Christ can be tough sometimes but I am learning and getting alot better. I'm lucky all that spanish in High School is paying off. I am definitely one of the best speakers in my district but I attribute that all to the spanish I took. So Riley, study spanish hard in High School it will pay off I promise. I really have so much more I have to learn and I think the Guatemala MTC is going to be a challenge at first with no english really. But with the Lords help I know I can do it. I continue to grow spiritually here, there are times already that are very difficult and frustrating but I can tell you nothing is more important than personal scripture study and prayer. You can receive revealation from our Heavenly Father if we honestly seek for and have questions in your heart when reading the scriptures.
Thanks Voges and Mom for the package, ah I got it on monday. Thank you guys so much. I Love you guys. And Thanks Buxtons for your Halloween Card, you guys are the best!
Going to the temple really helped me this morning. I love that place it really helps me clear my mind and reset. I dont really have any crazy stories to tell, MTC life is pretty standard. I spend lots of time studying and just working. I love the devotionals here we have them every Sunday and Tuesday nights. Shayne Bowen of the seventy came and gave a great talk. One line that stood out to me. I want Christ to say "Father Im not much but im obedient" I have been trying so hard to set the foundation in the first two weeks of how my mission is going to be. Obedience to the mission rules and hard work is so important. I still have so much I need to improve but I feel the Lord shaping my mission and me personally already.
This week is gonna be kind of crazy going to Guatemala but I'm excited! Its starting to get real and I think when I touch down in Guatemala City its go time. I have so much work to do the next three weeks, so I will be prepared to be an effective missionary when I get into the field. I talk to people here about guatemala alot, 'm so pumped!
WOW! Zach and Riley great job guys! Zach just killing it in his last race, that a boy! And Riley your a stud getting up and speaking in stake conference! Beast! Mom, I'm so glad your business is taking off, you're so talented! Gosh, I love you MOM!
Dad Kindney stones, Holy Moly! Thats not good at all. I've been praying for you alot. Dad I have been thinking about you alot this week. You are the most humble hard working man I've ever met. I'm actually kind of emotional writing this right now. It hit me this week I have the best dad in the world. You have given me such a good example to follow. YOU are a real man. Thanks for everything you have done for me. You don't give yourself enough credit sometimes. Dad this is our mission and I'm excited to tell you all about it, we can live it together!!! Love you
Well not much time left.... I'm doing well and this week should be a great one! Guatemala AHHHH!  I cant wait to talk to you guys on Tuesday. Mom make sure everyone gets my address and stuff, I would love to hear from people. Letters are like gold out here they literally just make your day so much better especially if it has been a tough one! Send me a Dear Elder about calling and stuff for Tuesday!
I know this Church is true! I love being a missionary and I am commited to helping others come unto Christ. I know that my redeemer lives and loves each and everyone one of us. Love one another, that is what is most important.
Everyone please write I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hasta Luego! Next time from Guatemala Woo!

Elder Hughes

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