Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week Three | A quick note from the Guatemala MTC

We were able to talk to Tanner on Tuesday from the Salt Lake Airport as he was on his way to Guatemala. It was so wonderful to hear his voice, listen to him talk about his time in the Provo MTC and feel of the sweet spirit that he has. He sounds so different already! We didn't want our time to end, and we all cried as we hung up, but it was GREAT! 

*this letter was pretty funny, it was typed on a spanish keyboard and I am not sure it all translated correctly and he was obviously in a hurry! enjoy!

Hola familia! sorry if this email is like not capitalized this
keyboard is in spanish haha i made it safely to guatemala. im in
another country holy moly. traveled well and was able to do some
missionary work along the way gave out a bom! it was crazy when we got
here tons of people trying to sell us everything shining our shoes
ahhh ok i only have ten minutes to email today just to say im here but
i get time on saturday to send a full one! i am doing well it is
definetly way different here. i have two new companions and the food
is super good! kind of overwhelming all over again for all of us new
missionaries here at the ccm the spanish they speak here sounds
totally different than what we are all used to. but doing well im
super tired today and adjusting. but so excited to be here! the city
is crazy really loud and busy all night long. and there really are
like 4 armed guards with machine guns protecting us here so dont worry
mom we are safe ha! the schedule and like how they do things here is
very different but good! its fun talking to all the latinos here they
are all so nice! i love the people here already!!!! i will send all
the details on saturday! love you all so much! and i loved talking
yesterday!!! love elder hughes ps.... mail doesnt get here for twelve
days lammmme!!!! but you can send dear elders and i should get them
once a week

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  1. Awwww so wonderful! looking forward to following all your great work and growth. We are so honored to get to witness this time in your lives. thank you for modeling your greatness.