Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 4 | Guatemala CCM

Hola!  Familia and Friends. 

I love you guys and miss everyone! I am
doing well in the ccm, it's been quite the week. Lots to tell you guys about.
Can you believe I've been out on my mission for a month, holy moly!
Thats crazy, time is just flying by, woah! I am doing well I have had
stomach problems all week, but that's the story with most of the
Americans here. We all love the food just not what it does to your
digestive system ha! Everyone just says get used to it, that's how
it is going to be through the whole mission here. Ok, big change
this week...... yesterday the President called me into his office. He
is an awesome guy. An elder here had to go home because of back
problems so he had to shift some people around. I'm in a trio so I
thought I might have to shift, well they could have just moved me
into the empty slot with Elder C ( the elder we met in the
temple idk if you guys remember him but we are good friends).
President decided to switch me back with Elder R! He didn't
even know we were companions before in Provo. Now Elder R's
companion is with Elder C. Elder R has been struggling alot
here in the CCM so I know for sure this is inspired. I am doing
everything I can to help him be the best missionary he can be. He was
really happy that I'm his companion again. It was hard to leave my
companions and my district, we were really bonding well but I feel good
that I can help the President and the Lord any way I can. So was kind
of crazy yesterday moving all my stuff, switching teachers and
districts but its all good, just crazy! My first transfer on the
mission haha, now I live with four Latinos, they are good a little wild
sometimes. Spanish is getting better, I can understand alot more.
We are surrounded by it here so that helps and my lessons are getting
better. I haven't gotten any mail here yet... dear elders come once a
week so thats probably a good way to write. GOOOOOOOO Giants! I'm so
excited they won thats crazy!!! Dad, haven't been able to sight see yet
but I think in like a week and a half we get to go on a tour, we shall
see! Futbol is going well, I enjoy playing with all the latinos
good times. It's kind of weird here cause no one has gotten any mail until dear elders
yesterday, I think about you guys all the time. I love you guys. The
Christ like attribute of Hope has been on my mind this week. Hope
really is the anchor of our soul. It is different than faith.
Hope is having a trust that the lord will fulfill his promises to you.
This is shown in out confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, and patient
perseverance. Think about it, we know eternal truths and how blessed we are. 

The atonement is infinite to cover us... God loves and knows us
individually... we can speak to our Heavenly Father through sincere
prayer...we can be forgiven of our sins through sincere repentance.
How cool is that. Now we have the oppourtunity to share these
truths with others. We have every infinite reason to have hope and
faith no matter what afflictions we face. If we have hope, the hardest
and the easiest times of life can be a blessing for us. I know that is
true. We can make a choice everyday to be happy and rejoice!!!!! Glad
you guys are doing well. Read the scriptures daily, there is power
found in the word of God. I love being a missionary. Sorry nothing to
crazy to report the CCM is pretty much the same all the time. LOVE
YOU ALL! I'd love to hear from everyone... have a great week. 

Elder Hughes

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