Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy PDay | week 42

Hey Family! Glad you guys finally made it to Utah last night hahah. We are the Hughes's so there has to be an adventure on the way out to Utah. We need to make a book about all of our stories so we dont forget them hahaha. Tell Aunt Megan and everyone there in Utah that I say Hi I love them all. See Rilo I knew you would like the Trek hahah. Sounds like they worked them pretty good out there in the mountains. Zman tell me about scout camp. How many merit badges? Wentathalon?

I couldnt help but laugh about that story hahahah. I just remember all the stuff that has happened to us on the way to Utah. So funny. What are your plans for Utah? Who is going to lake Powell? 

To answer some of your favorite questions mom.... The house is good. Where im at the housing is super expensive so we live in a little complex but its like a converted garage slash apartment hahaha Im not really sure how to describe it. I like it. And there is a little box that heats the water which is nice haha. I spent about three hours the other day cleaning it. Elders are super dirty in the mission hahah. And Mom just so you know you definetly rubbed off on me all those years. I cannot function when our apartments are dirty hahah. My companion Elder Mejia is awesome we get along really well. He is from Honduras and has only been a member for about three years. Super cool guy. We have already become good freinds which is nice because we do alot of walking together. My suit should be getting here this week yaya! 

We had a tough week in the work this week. I have never had such a hard time finding people to teach and helping people progress. We are really trying to change the culture of the ward. It reminds me alot of the ward in Rocklin. Great members and leaders but the missionaries really struggle. We are staying patient and trying to find some new creative ways to do the work. The highlight of the week definetly came this Thursday. We had interveiws with President and Hermana Watts. As Zone leaders we were in the Stake Center all day helping to organize and get all the elders where they needed to be. At about seven o'clock on Thursday we went into our interveiws with President and Hermana Watts after everyone had left. Probably some of the best moments I have had on my mission. In my interveiw with president we talk about conserating ourselves to the work. His advice and support was so helpful. We talked about the book of mormon missionaries like Ammon, Samuel, and Moroni. He told me that I have been put into a very key role. And that the this zone needs a leader someone who can change the culture. Wow. As president said the closing prayer I couldnt hold tears back. They just continued into my time with Hermana Watts. Hermana Watts told me that we knew eachother in the premortal life and that when she met me for the first time on December fourth we were only recognized eachother. After many impressions and experiences in my mission I ruly believe I was assingned to serve in the this mission because of President and Hermana Watts. Words cant describe the connection I have felt with them. My interveiws on Thursday were amazing and they have given me the strength to push through some challenges and work to improve the zone.

There have been some problems in the zone. I am going to teach a district meeting this week. This normally is the job of the district leaders but this district is in need of some help. 

Mom a Quote Hermana Watts shared with me was just made for you hahahahah "Be right, and then be easy to live with, if possible, in that order" Ezra Taft Benson I loved that!

Well on to another week. Im really excited right now. I love the challenge of missionary work. I have noticed in my life that I need to always have a mountain to climb or a new challenge to face. I feel so blessed in my life. My mission has already changed me. I know that this message is true. I thank my Heavenly father for my loving mission President and his wife. They inspire and teach me so much.

Love you Mom and Dad. I know I say it every week but I have the greatest parents ever. I love all my family. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins! Have fun at Lake Powell this week! I pray for all of you guys.

Until next week!


Elder Tanner Hughes! Woooooooo!

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