Monday, September 30, 2013

what's crackin' | week 52

“My life is like my shoes, worn out by service.” 
― Spencer W. Kimball

Hmmm where do I start. This last week was awesome!

M was baptized on Friday! Probably one of the coolest conversions I've been able to be a part of on my mission. We spent alot of time this last week getting everything set up for Friday and getting her ready. One day this week she told us she received a very strong spiritual impression or feeling that what she is doing is right. She just said while laying down on her bed for a few minutes she felt a peace come ever her. And a still small voice telling her that these thing are true. Friday she showed up to the service 45 minutes early just so excited. The coolest part is that we got her daughter G set up on skype from Germany. G was baptized there in Germany only a few months prior. When she walked in and saw her mom dressed in white they both just started crying. Wow it was so special to be apart of this moment. Since her daughter could only connect at night in Germany we had to do it in the morning. About 20 members were able to come and support. It was so intimate and spiritual. I wish you guys could have just been there to see it hahah. It touched my heart to hear M and G tell me and Elder M "thank you" for sharing and working with them. That is why im here. For these people. It has been amazing to see how the spirit has guided all of our lessons and timing. I work daily to have that spirit everyday in my mission!

My companion has changes! Looks like im going to be training a new Zone Leader here in Acatan. Im actually pretty excited it gives me an oppourtunity to step up and do things better. Half of the zone has changes which is crazy! 

Like you sometimes mom alot of the weeks seem pretty similar to me. But im looking forward to this upcoming week. We have changes Wendsday and leadership conference the following day which will be cool. Then to top things off with General Conference. I love Conference. I have spent alot of time on my mission reading and studying talks from the last couple years. My invitation is that we can all watch and more importantly listen for an answer we have been looking for this next weekend. I know that as we do so prayerfully the answer will come. 

Im feeling great right now! There are so many little experiences and things I learn everyday. Its always kind of weird to change companions in the mission. We really build such cool relationships with other missionaries and companions.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I got alot of emails. I had a great Birthday. The Hermanas bought me a cake and we stuck a big candel in it to celebrate. I want to set some new goals and really have another great year. Can you guys beleive that we hit the year this week. Its all downhill from here now. I love you guys. Thanks Mom, Dad, Riley, and Zach. I love you all so much

Have a great week and keep smiling and having fun!


Elder Hughes

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