Monday, September 2, 2013

week 48 | what's up!!

Hey guys! Coming at you guys a little bit later today. I had not a clue that it was Labor day weekend hahahaha. I hope that you are enjoying your day off of school and work. I loved the letter and pictures dad! Im a just a little jealous that college and high school football has gotten started haha. I cherish and love the memories I have playing, watching and spending time around the football feild. Some of my favorite times have even been just to go see games together. Dont you guys just love that time of year haha. (Cue song about football by kenny chesney hahahaha). Super cool to see that Jake is fighting for the back up spot at Oregon. I remember sending messages back and forth with him when we both got into college for the first time. Mom Im glad all the fall boxes are empty and decorations out woooooo! Zach man your in Sierra wooooo! Your going to love Mr Bechler hahaha Did he burn barbies the first day of class like he always did? Your gonna have to see if Mr Champ remembers me too. I sure do love you guys and I love to hear all about your week! Dad thanks for the high school and college sports updates I love them. You guys just have to make me a promise that you will go to at least one Whitney game for me this fall hahahah. 

Whew! Well this last week just flew by! I honestly blinked and it was over. Tuesday we had Leadership meeting which helped me alot. These monthly conferences save me hahaha. President Watts is such an inspired man. I always seem to find the answers to my doubts and questions through him. He spoke alot about how we as leaders and missionaries need to open our mouths. Contacting and teaching the gospel can be scary sometimes hahaha. Yet the Lord has helped me so much overcome those feelings and share this message.

As far as the work this week felt slow. We have been trying to change some things and really work on contacting more people. Nothing happens in the work if we cannot find people to teach. This can be frustrating sometimes for Elder M and I but we know there are people waiting for us we just have to find them. We had a great lesson with M this week. She is slowly progressing little bit by little bit. I invited her to be baptized again this week but she doesnt feel ready to make that decision. Sometimes it can be hard for her to see how the Lord has answered her prayers. I know she will make that decision someday we just have to be patient and wait upon the lord. 

I have had the oppourtunity to serve specific elders in the zone this week. I am so thankful for the oppourtunity I have been given to serve and help other missonaries. I know that I was sent here for specific reasons and those have come through other missionaries in the zone. I hope and pray that I can be a tool in the Lords hand. There really is no sweeter joy that to serve and help. I truly beleive that many of our problems would be solved if we would all look outward. We then seem to forget about our struggles.

Wooooo! I love this work. I love the challenge of the mission and the challenge of my Area. I am so grateful for my loving freinds and family! All of you! Love really is the center of a happy life. There is a reason that when Christ was asked what is the greatest commandment of all it was first to love the lord thy god with all of thy heart and second to love your neighbor like yourself. John Byytheway one of my BYU teachers once stated that "In the end all we have learned from books, how many scriptures we have read, how many years of service we have adquired or how many callings we have completed will all be secondary to how much we have loved" Isnt that so true? My invitation is that we love one other. I promise that more peace and happiness will come into our lives.

Well im out of time. Im excited to start a new week. Have have set some new goals for this week and are hoping to find someone new who is ready to accept this gospel. I love you all and hope your week is a great one!


Elder Hughes

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