Wednesday, August 28, 2013

week 47 | running around!

Enjoying the Rain? Wondering if he wishes he had a bright yellow rain poncho?

Hey guys!

I love mondays too Mom! Im glad to hear you guys are right back into the routine of things now with school getting started. I was laughing just because Mom you have said the same thing about routine every year when we went back to school. And your right if you want to see a two year routine just go on a mission. Thats why I think it goes by so fast too! Riley I'm pumped to hear you got into Brother Sterri`s class. Looking back now from the mission to my seminary years is fun! Really get into the scriptures everyday this year trust me it will pay off one day when your on the mission I promise. Mom I love the pics they look AWESOME! Pictures are such a cool thing. Your going to have to teach me a little bit when I go back so I can learn how to take good pictures hahah. Wow Dad I didnt know you were traveling to Utah more thats awesome! That means in the future we will be able to meet up when I'm out there studying again. I loved being able to see my grandparents every week when I went up for school. '

Well this week was a little crazy hahahah! We had a wild one. It seemed like Tuesday was the only normal day that we had hahah. Thursday Elder S one of the assistants came to our area to work with us which was fun. Elder S is a great missionary who has no fear whatsoever to share the gospel. It was really inspiring to me. We contacted everyone we could find in the street. Alot of people really dont like talking to us but we were able to set up a couple return appointments. Elder M and I have been struggling a little bit. Sometimes we just have no Idea how to work effectively in Acatan. Together we almost have three years of experience in the mission and it has been a stuggle lately. I have been humbled these last two weeks here in Acatan. It is really interesting to me how the Lord has helped me do that in my life. I remember the two surgeries I had in 2011. Both were very humbling experiences for me that taught me alot. This area has been my next test. I am grateful for the trails and tests the lord sends our ways. He keeps me humbe and on my knees and thats what I need sometimes haha.

spending the weekend in the hospital
Well I have to tell you guys about Saturday hahah. Elder M and I had a meeting in the stake center Saturday morning as we were returning we got a call from the one of our district leaders who had a district service project in the area of the sisters. He told us his companion got hurt and that we needed to head over there. When we arrived they told us that unexpectedly a big branch broke off and hit elder R in the head and neck and that he was knocked uncontious for about five seconds. I went in and looked at him he was in a bunch of pain and looked super pale, so long story short after talking with the mission nurse and President Watts I was on my way to the hospital with elder R. I had a member give us a ride. They rushed him into the emergency room and after taking tests and doing some scans they told us that he fractured his vertabrae they said it was the C5. But the good part is they told him he was going to be fine he would just have to wear a neck brace for six weeks. They decided to keep him there in the hospital until the next day. Through all of this I was talking with President Watts keeping him informed and everything. They got Elder R on some pain meds and into a room. It was pretty funny because we didnt have anything to do all day so we just talked and waited. President and Hermana Watts came in the Afternoon to see him and brought us some snacks which was nice. The hospital was full and they usually dont have people who stay the night with the patients so I was on the floor hahahahah Its been a long time since I have slept on the floor before. They gave me a couple pillows and a blanket so made a makeshift little bed in the corner. I was laughing because there was an unused bed right next to where I was sleeping but they told me I couldnt use it because the hospital was full. So I spent most of the weeked there with Elder R. Poor guy I felt pretty bad for him. Has about three months in the mission and now has a nice big neck brace to wear for a while. We were super glad it wasnt worse though. He could have easily done something alot worse. It felt super weird not to go to church on sunday. Kind of a crazy weekend.

Whew! Well im doing well. We have leadership meeting tomorrow with President Watts. I really need a boost. I sure do love this work. I have had alot of quiet moments this week to think and ponder on my mission. What a rollercoaster. I wish I could express myself better. I left out about a million other experiences I have had this last week. I went back to a favorite talk of mine this week. "Of regrets and resolutions" by President Uchtdorf. If you havent read it I reccomend that you do. I love his closing thoughts. that we "Do not wait until we are ready to die before we truly learn to live" Life is so awesome! Everyday I wake up wondering what can the Lord teach me today. We can find and see miracles in everyone of our daily lives. Even the hard times in life and on the mission can be a blessing if we let it be. I love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. He can be our immovable foundation if we build our lives upon his teachings and his true church. I love you all so much. Mom, Dad, Riley, Zach and everyone that reads this I love you all. Thanks for all of your love and support in my life. Have a great week! Dont forget the basics of the Gospel. read your scriptures, say your prayers and help other people. I think we should all go to primary once a month to refresh ourselves hahahah.

Love you guys

Elder Hughes

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