Monday, August 19, 2013

week 46 | starting a new change!

Hey Guys!

Well thanks Mom for the update! Im glad all is well there in Rocklin thats what I like to hear. Good luck Riley and Zach with school getting started again for you guys. I cannot beleive that Riley your a Junior. I honestly feel like I was just starting my Junior year too! I loved the pics of the Rafting trip with all your buddies. Dang you guys look so old hahahaha.

Your right mom i'm coming up on a year in the mission. When this change ends im going to hit my year mark. Im still freaking out about that. I feel like I just left. And they just tell me the second year goes by even quicker. Mom, I love you. I thought it was interesting you mentioned that your mom sense has been going lately. There definetly is a connection between Motherers and their missionaries that I know. Your awesome Mom. I felt your prayers this week. It was a tough one for me.

Some highlights this week. My package got here wooooooo! I looked on the box and It took about six weeks to get here hahahah. Thanks for everything. I have put my dry bag to use this week as well as my oil container. My favorite part definetly was the pictures. I hadnt seen pictures of most of those freinds or family for my whole mission. I put them all in a photo album for my desk. Seeing all of those just made me so grateful for all the many freinds and family in my life. Being on the mission really puts things into perspective for me. My suit arrived too! I love it. It fits me super well... almost too well hahaha I cannot gain wait hahahah. I got the Guatemala flag put on the inside too!

This last week was a tough one. Honestly one of the hardest weeks I have had on my mission. There were a few reasons for that hahah. Our area is so different. With alot of gated communities and busy member families we spent most of the week walking. Most of the days this last week we would get over to our area and try and find someone a member or investigator who was actually home. Yet we always seemed to find something or have a really cool lesson every night around seven hahaha. I had a cool experience on friday. Friday afternoon after getting back late from a planning meeting with the zone and finding no one in the house Elder M and I felt really down. Discouragement is how Satan works against us sometimes. At about five o clock we found ourselves by the house. We both felt like we needed to go back to the apartment and pray. We prayed and read the scriptures for about an hour. We then had a little companionship study for about twenty minutes. We left the house and felt about a thousand times better hahaha! Somtimes in life when we get discouraged and really down we need to stop and first Pray. Second we need to read the scriptures! Prayer is a powerful tool. This last week brought me to my knees and its amazing to feel how the Savior can just pull you back up again. We were pretty excited just to end the week and start a new one hahah.

Unfortunately Neither M or the N family made it to church on Sunday. We are doing everything we can to keep them moving in the right direction. Elder M and I are staying here together for another change. Im pretty excited about that. We work well together which always makes things nice. I am going to set some new personal goals this week and for this next change. I have so many things that I have to improve on personally and as a Leader.

Ahhh I dont have any time left. Im so grateful for my oppourtunity to serve here in Guatemala. Life and the mission is meant to be difficult. Thats what helps us to grow and change. Every hard thing, temptation, struggle. and difficulty we face in this life gives us another chance to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ, use his atonement and change. I know that this message is true. I love the quote by President Hinkleys I dont have it in front of me but It goes something like this ¨In life we have to options we can laugh or we can cry and I prefer to laugh, crying just gives me a headache¨ I prefer to laugh too! 

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all of your love and support. I feel your prayers everyday. Have a great week guys!


Elder Hughes

My New Suit! Thanks Mom & Dad!

Custom tailored in Guatemala, with the flag sewn in the lining. Awesome!

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