Monday, August 12, 2013

Hola mi familia | week 45

Hey Guys!

Its so nice to hear from you guys today! Thanks for writing me and inspiring me every week. I have the coolest family ever! Still going strong with all the summer fun haha. You guys are awesome. Im sad the Giants arent doing so hot this year but thats ok. We will let someone else win the World Series for a change haha. Got to let them win everyone once in a while. Im glad your enjoying the golf game a little bit Dad. That is something I want to enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Im just imagining you guys winding down and getting ready for school to start again. After this much time in Guatemala alot of the stuff and seasons there have become a blur to me haha.

Well I dont have a ton of news to share today. Sometimes the weeks seem to be a big blur to me. We had another productive week in our area which is nice. I feel like we are just now climing out of the hole that we were in before. Sometimes it takes a good change in an area to get things back on track. Thats the crazy part is we are starting the last week of this change which just blows my mind. Things are moving faster and faster now.

Some highlights this week! The N family came to church on Sunday which was super exciting. We had a great lesson with them Saturday night and they were really exciting to come on Sunday. Elder M and I were just sooooo happy on Friday night when we got home. C and M are such great people. We are really excited to teach them more this week about the plan of salvation.

We had some difficulties with M this week. After a great Family home evening on Monday of last week we could never get another visit in. We set days and times and she just was never there. We are going to really focus on her this week and get her progressing again. Its unreal how much satan works against these people.

To be completely honest we have been having some challenges in the zone. As Zone leaders we have been dealing with some problems.  I love these missionaries so much. I worry and pray for them daily. It is really important that we as members and missionaries stand up for what is right. Our loyalty and obedience is always to the lord first. In this world of shifting values and customs we have to be the people who do the right thing and take the road less traveled. The same applies to all the missionaries in all the world. We are representatives of our families, this church, and Jesus Christ. The amazing this is that we can always change. We can always come unto the Savior and repent.

I had the chance to go on a much needed division this week to see if I could help an Elder with his struggling companionship. I love these oppourtunities to learn from other missionaries. It is amazing to see how much we can learn about ourselves everyday. 

Dad thanks for your letter this week. Just want you to know that you are my hero. I have come to really understand the sacrifice that you make for our family while I have been out here on the mission. You work so hard for us and I am so grateful for that. I cant really express how much I love you. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Mom you give him a big hug from me hahahaha And a kiss if you want hahahah.

I know this work is true. What a priviledge I have to share this message with others. Quote of the week comes from Spencer W Kimball "The treasure house of happiness is unlocked to those who live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its purity and simplicity" Who wants to be happy? And not just momemtarily that way but to feel a deep and abiding peace and happiness in their hearts and lives? Well I can tell you there is only one answer to that question. Live the Gospel in its simplicity as President Kimball says. If we make repentance, scripture study, prayer, church attendance, and service for our families and neighbors part of our daily lives and we truly live these principles true happiness is found. I know we have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves us. As we trust in him he will bless us. Ok are we gonna live these principles so that we can be happy? I need to! I have to!

Have a great week! I love you all so much.



Hey my suit comes tomorrow yaya!

Package still hasnt come yet..... Kinda lame huh But for my birthday I need a new watch. Mine broke a couple weeks ago

And sorry but there are no pics today. Something happend to my sd card. It just stopped working all together. So I have to get it sent in so they can retrive all my pictures lame haha But Im going to buy a new sd card and take some pics this week for you guys.

Love you all so much. 

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