Monday, September 9, 2013

week 49 | anotha week

What up guys! Hope your monday is treating you well. Glad to hear everything is calm in Rocklin. I remember the steady rthymn of work, school, practice and football games woo! Im glad you guys were Wildcat fans this week. I got my representatives there for me hahaha. Dont worry mom the heat will go away I promise. Its really bizarre the weather here in Guatemala. It really doesn't vary throughout the year. Right now it just comes in about four in the afternoon and just pours rain for a few hours and then stops hahah. I took some video this week of a crazy afternoon storm that hit us on Tuesday.

Well we had a pretty insane start to our week. On Tuesday while I was taking a shower my companion let me know that one of the Elders in our zone just left! His companion called us to let us know that while he was showering his companion threw his stuff in his suitcases and left. This started a crazy day. We immediately called President Watts and left to go stay with his companion and look for this Elder. To make a really long story short one of the guys in charge of missionary security found him at a bus station where he was about to get on a bus to return to Nicaragua. Super Crazy! The Assistants met up with us and we had to do divisions. I went with Elder C to work in their area while my companion stayed with our runaway elder in our house as he would wait to be put on a plane home the following day. Me and Elder M have been laughing every week it seems to be some other crazy situation thrown at us hahaha. 

We spent alot of the week contacting. It is really difficult for us to visit members from about 2-6.30 in our area. We are trying to get as creative as we can hahah. While knocking doors this week we did find some success. Finally someone opened the door on Wendsday we talked with E It really suprised us how accepting she was. We talked with her about the Book of Mormon and eternal families. We set a cita and went back Friday but they weren't there. Sunday we passed by and met her husband. For the first few minutes it looked like it was going to be a dead end. Its really funny to me how people always say no to start. After talking for a little bit longer we were able to get things looking better. We set another appointment with them for this week! I use alot of the things I learned knocking doors all last summer in Wisconson hahaha. 

Things are getting there. We are still working hard with M and the N Family. Right now they just are not progressing. This can be hard for us sometimes. It really is simple. If people read, pray, and go to church the Lord will send countless blessing their way. Too many times many of us become so distracted from the basics in our lives. I really feel like we are progressing. The members are beginning to change their outlook on missionary work which excites me! We really need their help in Acatan. President Watts has mentioned that to me multiple times lately.

I love this work! My Heavenly Father has taught me so much these last two months its crazy. I found some inspiring words from President Monson this week. ¨There is no going back, only forward. Rather than dwelling on the past, we should make the most of TODAY, of here and now, doing all that we can to provide pleasant memories for the future¨ As I approach my 20th birthday I have been thinking about this alot. First off I cannot beleive im going to hit the 20´s. Life goes by so quick. And as Ferris Bueller says it ¨ we have to stop and look around every once in a while¨. I have taken a few moments this week to look around and enjoy the journey. I invite everone this week to pause look around and enjoy the Sunrises and Sunsets in life. It makes life fun and enjoyable.

I love you Family and Freinds! Im excited for this upcoming week we have zone conference tomorrow which should be great. Have a great week and always remember that im praying for all of you!


Elder Tanner Hughes

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