Monday, September 16, 2013

week 50 | what's up guys! (yes, we are on week 50, that means just two weeks until we hit the one year mark!)

Hey! Im coming at you guys late today. It has been aabsolutely crazy day with zone activity along with some tough situations in the zone that we are trying to deal with. I'm gonna have to keep this one short lame. I'm glad you guys are doing well. So cool to see pictures of the quarry bowl this week. Looked like it was a packed house. Riley, dude you are awesome I love the school spirit man. Dad I loved you message on daily bread. Thanks so much

Sorry to be honest I'm having a hard time focusing right now haha. We have had some big time problems in the zone this week. (content removed for privacy). I have really learned alot through these experiences. Satan works hard on the missionaries and sometimes they face the consequences. I love these Elders so much.

We set a baptismal date with M this week. As we left the zone conference on Tuesday me and Elder M had the strongest impression that she needed a date and a goal to work for. We had an amazing lesson with her and after about an hour and a half she accepted a date. M is so ready. We have really seen the Lord work in her life. The coolest part is that right after the lesson her son Julio who never wants to talk to us came up out of nowhere and said Elderes I want to talk with you guys the next time you come over. I think M was the most suprised out of all of us. She should be baptized the 28th of September which would be a great birthday present haha.

There are so many other things that I wish I could talk to you guys about right now but I just dont have time. This week has been so amazing. We have seen many miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. I love you guys so much. I feel bad that this is such a bad email home hahah I just want you guys to know how much I love you all. I love this work. The Lord continues to push and stretch me in many ways. This work is true. I have felt that on so many occasions out here in Guatemala. Thanks for all of your support and love. I promise my letter next week will be better. I tried to send alot of pictures.

Love you all so much,

Elder Hughes
The Central Park of Guatemala City

He talked about the beautiful sunset? Maybe the camera
didn't quite capture it!

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