Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More Suprises! The Lord always keeps me on my toes! | week 53

Hey Guys! Thanks for the weekly update Dad. I'm glad you guys enjoyed General Conference. I thought it was one of the best ones I have seen in my life. Even President Monson mentioned that. It has been a CRAZY week. 

Well on Monday afternoon right after I got done writing you guys I got a call from the assistants which started with them saying "Elder Hughes we have a suprise for you" I have learned from past experience to sit down and brace yourself when they say that hahaha. They informed me that I would need to pack my things with Elder M because I was gonna be changing areas within the zone. Due to alot of the problems we had the last change President completely cleaned out two areas called Asuncion 1 and 2. Two Elders who were serving in the ward went home and the other two were having some struggles. So I have been assigned to reopen the ward, Whew! So Tuesday I packed up and we said our goodbyes to the members and M. It was pretty hard saying bye to her she started crying :( Me and Elder M had a really special connection with her and her family.

Wednesday was changes and I went to change conference to pick up my new companion and head to my new area. My new companion is Elder A from Ecuador. He has been in the mission for about ten months or so. Really humble quiet guy. I have been working with him because he isnt a big talker and to be a zone leader you have to open your mouth and be a leader. We got to Asuncion at about one in the afternoon. The Elders that left just left the house in horrible condition. Gosh Elders can be so dirty sometimes. I have seen mom that in the mission that I'm just like you. I cannot work or function if my house or apartment is dirty hahaha. I just told my comp first thing we are gonna do is clean. So thats what we did for about three hours! We are opening the area which is interesting. I forgot how hard it is
to do that. I came to the area on a division about a month back so I knew where two members lived but thats about it. Its always a scary feeling to walk out of your apartment and to say I have no Idea where we are going or where anyone lives hahahah. I relate with Nephi when he was "led by the spirit not knowing beforehand the things I should do" Im so grateful for the Lords help. We left on Wendsday and just started walking when a man came up to us and said "Elders where are you headed?". We just said well "we dont know where we are at or where we are going are you a member?". We met Hermano C the ward secretary who led us to the ward mission leaders house and showed us around.

Asuncion has had some struggles lately. We spent the little bit of time we had this week to meet the members and leaders of the ward. The Elders left us with two investigators C and F. We were able to teach C this week, she has been receiving the Missionaries for a long time now. So we will see! I am excited for the oppourtunity I have to reopen this area. It has given me an oppourtunity to change and do things a little better.

I loved General Conference this weekend. It is always so amazing to listen to the speakers and beautiful music. Like you dad I loved Uchtdorfs talks on Saturday morning and In preisthood session. Hollands talk on depression was incredible. I must say my favorite had to be President Monson on Sunday morning I loved his message on making the gospel the center of our lives and how that will carry us through all of our trails and difficulties in life. It has been my knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel that has carried me this last year. I feel like their is someone behind me that is just helping me along and lifting me out of bed at 6:30 every morning hahaha.

I love this Gospel. I felt the spirit gently touch my heart this weekend during all of the conference sessions. I know that God loves and watches out for ever one of his children. He has sent his son Jesus Christ to show us the way to have peace in this life and to one day make it back to his presence. I have also felt the my Heavenly fathers love for me and all of his children her in Guatemala. I pray that we can all  listen to and read the conference adresses and apply them in our lives. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. Only through his infinite and atoning sacrifice can we be cleansed from past transgressions. This I know to be true.

I love you all so much. We have set some big goals for this next week and I have alot of work to do. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming at times with all this responsibility and opening areas but I have felt the Lord comfort and help me EVERYDAY. Remember what Elder Holland said on Sunday "If we do not take time to be well. We definetly will take time to be ill" Take time this week to be well and read your scriptures!

Love you guys!

Elder Hughes

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  1. Came over here to check the Mission home address, and there's Shawn!! Fun to see those 2 together.