Monday, October 28, 2013

greetings from Guatemala | week 56

Whats up guys!

Thanks dad for the email I always enjoy the sports updates haha. Im glad you guys are getting away for the weekend and heading to San francisco I miss that city. Send me some pics next week of all your adventures. Congrats to Chase Blevins on his baptism woooowooooo! Give him a high five for me. It will be cool to see how everyone has grown while Im gone. I still freak out seeing pictures of Riley and Zach they are getting so big. Go Cougs! Glad Taysem is playing well. Did I ever tell you guys that I met him at the Clarks grandparents house in Provo.

Well just finished another good week in the mission feild. Time is just flying by. I have to stop every monday and remember what happens every week out here. As a zone we had the best week I have seen in all of my time in zona Palmita. We found 54 new investigators as a zone and it looks like we are going to have alot of success in November. Wendsday we had interveiws with President Watts, Hermana Watts had to go to Utah for two weeks to help one of her daughters who was having a baby. Im not going to lie it wasnt the same without her haha. As zone leaders on interveiw days we basically spend most of the day in the stake center organizing the interveiw schedule. At about 6:30pm I got to talk with President after everyone. Wow I just loved it! He really helped me out with some of the stresses I have in the Zone. I feel so blessed to have develped a strong relationship with President and Hermana Watts. We are going to have to go visit them when I get back. Hermana Watts already told me she will have to approve of my future wife hahahaha.

Thursday we got the oppourtunity to do divisions with one of the assistants Elder S. I woke up thursday Prayed and made a couple changes to our plans. We decided to bring one of our new investigators hna C to the chapel to show her around and have a lesson with her. We picked her up with a member and took her to the chapel. I remember she walked in and just stood there staring at the painting of Christ and his apostles in the entryway. We took her into the sacrament room and talked about the sacrament, the atonement and baptism. Im not sure how it happened but we ended up sitting down together in foyer. C opened up to us about alot of the problems she has had in her life. I cannot begin to describe the suffering and pain she has felt. She was abandoned as a litte girl and got by begging for money in the streets. For a time in her life she lost her sight completely and only by the hand of the lord she was able to get a surgery that corrected her eyes. She began to cry and at one moment said that her life wasnt worth anything. It was our privilege to testify and tell this tender hearted woman that she does matter and that she is worth  everything in the eyes of god. We just told her how much we love her. One of the coolest moments I have had on my mission. C has alot of things to overcome like her sister who wont let her leave the house to come to church with us. But I know that with the Lords help she will be able to come and feel the blessings her father in heaven has in store for her. We are going to head to her house tonight to try and talk with her sister.

Christina and Freddy are both pregressing really well. Chr went to church, mutual, and we had a great lesson with her on Thursday night. It is amazing to see the changes that take place in the lives of these people. F is doing well also. He has lowered things down to three cigarretes each day and our goal is that he will be able to be down to almost nothing at the end of this week. We set a baptismal date with him for the 16th of November!

I really felt the giudance of the spirit this week. It is absolutely key that we as missionaries and members have the spirit with us at all times. He whispers and guides our thoughts and actions. It amazes me sometimes how during the day or during lessons, examples or impressions come to my mind. This is the lords work and it is done by the influence and guidance of the spirit. It cannot be done in any other way.

We have a busy week coming up with lots of meetings! Got leadership meeting tomorrow, stake correlation, and zone meeting this week Whew! About once a month we have a week like this one. I am so excited with this zone right now. I have felt recently that we are going to see some really big blessings from the lord. We have started to see those this last week. I love the missionaries in this zone. I get attached to them and it is such a priviledge I have to work along side them.

I have been focusing on my prayers this week. Honestly I didnt really know what prayer was before the mission. Prayer is a sacred privilede we have to communicate with our Father in Heaven. I think sometimes we get to repetitious and lazy with our prayers. You can learn almost everthing about the relationship someone has with god just by listening to the way they talk to him. Are we really talking with him? Or do we just recite alot of words and phrases that we always use? As I was thinking and studying about prayer this week I went to my bed and prayed for a while. I testify that God does hear and answer us. If we will only ask in faith he can do all things! Lets focus on our prayers this week and make them meaningful. I love this gospel. I have never been apart of something so grand and important in all my life.

Have a great week Family and Friends.... I love you all so much. I hope you all know that. Dad thanks for always supporting me. I feel so proud to be your son. Give Mom a big hug for me today hahahah!


Elder Hughes
I was using the restroom in one of the members houses this week and had this turtle hanging out with me while on the toilet hahaha only in Guatemala . . . . that is a huge turtle!

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