Monday, October 21, 2013

Guats Up | week 55

Happy Monday!

Glad to hear you guys are doing well. I am a little jelous right now seeing you guys in sweatshirts and fall stuff. Im glad you had a good trip Mom and Riley had a great time. I loved all the pictures he sent me hahah. Everytime I see pictures of Riley I just start laughing hahahahha Idk why Riley your such a great brother man. We will have to go back to New York someday and you can show me around. Mom that picture with you and Jackson is awesome he is GIGANTIC. He has always been a big guy. 

Felizidades to Megan Hodgson on her call to New York. Thats gonna be three Hodsons in the mission right now cool stuff! Yes Mom its getting to be that Christmas time again woooooo! I really cant believe it I feel like it was just Christmas here. I have talked to elder Gammon a couple times recently he is going home in three weeks!!!!! I still just love my trainer we were best freinds from the moment we left to Llano Largo. You guys are gonna have to look for him on Facebook and talk to him when he gets back. The lord definetly blessed me with my Trainer.

We had a tougher week this week. Sometimes it feels like an uphill climb trying to work with and find new people to teach. We did set a baptismal with C this week. We got a lesson set up with her at the bishops house. We set it for the ninth of November but she didnt make to it to church this week so we are praying and trying to help her. With F we are seeing alot of progress we taught him twice this week and he has set a goal to quit smoking in 15 days! He came to church and is just loving it. We are calling him ever night checking up on how he is doing.

We are really trying to help this ward. The bishop called a new ward mission leader that should help us out more. Sometimes it just takes someone to come in and to make changes. We have gained the confidence and support of the bishop and are trying to work with all the leaders in the ward. 

I really saw alot of tough situations this week. We meet alot of people and families that go through trials that are hard to watch. Alot of the poorer people here work all day everyday just fighting to put some food on the table. While contacting one day this week I just walked up some stairs to a little house and we met the A family. We talked with the mom and she is going through a really hard time her eleven year old daughter has Leukemia. We taught them a little bit and set a return appointment but when we went back the rest of the family told us they had to move to another part of the capital. But we did start teaching her sister who also has had an incredibly tough life. I am so grateful for the family and home I was blessed with. Count your blessing because I have met alot of people who have it alot tougher.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am an addict to Tortillas. I seriously do not know what Im going to do without fresh Tortillas for lunch and dinner everday in the States. Hahaha. I can eat like ten at every meal.

Everyone here is preparing for the first of November which is the day of the dead. Everyone celebrates and does thing for all their ancestors. There is a huge cemetery by our area so its gonna get a litte crazy here soon.

Random story this week we were walking down our street on Sunday afternoon and a woman came running around the corner with a huge broom in her hands, yelling at everyone she passed hahahah. She ran right up to us too. CRAZY! I think one of the switches shorted out upstairs or someting.... 

Im feeling good, We are continuing to work hard here in Asuncion. Sometimes things take time and patience in the mission. But I know the lord is guiding and blessing us everyday. I was thinking this week about something I like to call "Being a Do-er". I love watching the Ironman Triathlon world championships every year. It inspires me to see stories of people who despite all odds and opposition accomplish the "impossible". I have also seen this theme within church service. Stories of men and woman who serve the lord and obey the commandments no matter what the circumstances. There is a quote my I love its simple "The man who says he can and the man who says he cant are both right". I strive to be a doer of the word. To live the gospel. There is something inspiring about people to go and serve they dont make excuses or count the cost they just do. The scriptures are full of Do-ers. Nefi went and did what the lord commanded. Captain Moroni when confronted with problems and opposition tore off his coat and wrote the standard of liberty, then he fought for his people. I love the scriptures. Lets be do-ers and instead of talking about reading the scriptures or visiting the sick lets go and do it. 

I love this work. It is true. If it werent true I wouldnt be here. I love my Savior and I know he watches over every one of his children. Have a great week and keep moving forward. I love you all so much!


Elder Hughes

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