Tuesday, June 18, 2013

week 37 | what's up?

Hey guys!!!!!

Happy one day late fathers day DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you guys are doing well. Mom I loved the pics of girls camp hahahaha. Loving the get up too! You guys are just so awesome you know that. I was shocked at how tall Zach has gotten in that picture with his scout uniform on Holy Moly! Riley and Zach look like they are just getting so much bigger ha. I think I might be shrinking hahaha. I have definetly lost weight here. I exercise every morning so im trying.

Well starting off with fathers day! Actually they celebrate Fathers day today here in Guatemala so Im not too late hahaha. Dad I was really thinking about you this week. I cannot not tell you how much you mean to me. I thank my Father in Heaven daily for the earthy father I have been blessed with. Dad your constant example of love, patience, and hard work did not go unnoticed. When people ask me who my heroe is It has to be you! Thanks for always spending quality time with me and really listening. I have to say my favorite memories were the times we would go on a drive and just talk! Thats probably one thing I miss most on the mission. Dad I love you! I feel so proud to be your son and I strive daily to be an example of both the names on my missionary nametag. One is Jesus Christ and the other is Hughes. I look at my name tag everyday before I put it on. Your soooooo awesome DAD! Never forget it. I pray for you daily and I am so happy to know that in a short time we will be able to go on another drive and talk! WoooooHoooooo! Happy Fathers Day!

I have had a hard time finding some big thing to write about this week. Sometimes weeks in the mission seem like a huge blur of alot of the same stuff. Theme of this week.....The Lord answers prayers. I had a few tough days this week as thoughts and feelings of inadecuesy( I cant remember how to spell in english ahhhhh), and self doubt. I have been praying for some help and support. On about three seperate occasions this week I found it. As the gentle calming voice of the spirit whispered "dont worry you are right where I need you". I know and testify of this simple truth. Our father in heaven answers prayers. When we ask in faith we will always recieve an answer. It might not come exactly when we want it but it will come. The Lord works on his timetable not ours.

We have continued to work with F. Wow she is so ready to go. We taught her all the commandments this week which went well. She has stopped drinking coffee completely and just loves the Ward. We are getting things all set up for her baptism on the 22nd! This next week is going to be a busy one. We are going to be running around doing baptismal interveiws for the other areas in our zone. As a zone we have thirteen baptismal dates set for the next two weeks! Elder S and I are trying to do everything we can to help the Elders reach their goals!

Crazy story of the week.... Randomly walking down a street the other day. Some guy just came running strait at us full speed. It literally all happened in like three seconds.  He had a bottle raised over his head just charging at us. It really suprised me but not one of us moved an inch. He got right up to us and just fell to the side and ran away. Hahaha. Super weird. Its really weird to me but as a missionary I have never been scared here. Im not exactly sure why. Missionaries do receive protection that I know to be true. Sorry mom if that was too graphic, your gonna have to tell me if you want to hear stories now or after the mission hahahah.

If I remember right I think Sarina is getting married this week. I might be wrong. Tell her I say hello and congratulations! Wish i could be there.

Well Im out of time. Have a great week everyone. I love this work! There is nothing better than helping and serving others. I love you all. Mom, Dad, Riley, and Zach. Enjoy the summer days baby!


Elder Tanner Hughes
 Tanner's new dwelling!

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