Sunday, June 2, 2013

week 33 | the work of the Lord!

Hola familia!

Hey guys! I am actually very grateful for a normal week for you guys the last few months have been alot to take in. Mom I loved all the pictures. Your work is looking so good. Do you have a new camera lens? things look even sharper now. I loved the pics or Riley too! He is looking more and more like Grandpa Val haha. Looks like he is having a good time. I got a letter from Shea this week! Thanks Shea im going to be better at writing letters here haha. I just got to find the time somewhere. It was so nice to talk to you guys last week. I love you guys!

A little snapshot into my week. Tuesday we had a big conference for five zones here in the capital with Elder Martino of the seventy. This guys is so powerful. He taught us for about four hours about the atonement, and how we can be more effective missionaries here in Guatemala. I love these conferences too because it gives us a chance to see alot of mission freinds that are in different zones. I talked with Elder G for a while! Love my trainer so much. 

I finished the book of mormon in spanish for the first time this week. Ive been reading it for about twenty to thirty minutes every day for the last four months or so. I know it is true. The book of mormon has the power to change lives. It also has the power to teach you another language. I feel like reading the book of mormon daily in spanish has made "the" difference in learning spanish. It is the word of god and I want to invite everyone to read it and find out for themselves. Nothing can bring more revelation and divine help than daily scripture study.

We spent this week focused on M. Every investigator is different and she has required alot of attention and prayer. Up to this point I beleive I have had to sacrifice more for this baptism than any other. Things started getting a little crazy on friday night. We had an appointment with her in the evening for her baptismal interveiw. Of course wasnt there and was in traffic. The ZLs had to leave and do interveiws so we rescheduled it for Saturday morning. The next morning the ZLs never showed up to the appointment. We tried calling looking for them. At 12:10 we finally saw them get off a bus as our bus was pulling away hahah. I was freaking out because we were going to start at 4 in the chuch and she still hadnt been interveiwed hahaha. To be honest I was really fired up. I was not going to let this get away. Everything was ready to go. She had her interveiw and everything worked out fine. Sometimes it would just be so nice to have a cell phone here. With all the busses, traveling, and no cell phones we seem to always run into problems like this hahahah. 

The baptism went great. We had quite a few people show up from the ward. There was a moment in the baptism where I just looked at M and teared up. All the struggles and tough days are worth it. I really feel so blessed. Here in Llano Largo the Lord has been so good to me. I know that blessings always come when we are obedient and faithful. That applies to everyone, everywhere in the world. Im so glad that M decided to make this decision in her life. She doesnt have a job, and as she says it is "always fighting" and moving forward. I love her and feel so priviledged to have been a small impact in her life.

A quick story from Sunday evening. Sunday afternoons are the hardest for me here in the mission. Im not sure why. I think just after a long week and after luch satan loves to work on Elder Hughes hahahah. Sunday afternoon after a lesson with D and a few appointments fell. We had a feeling to visit G, a member of the ward. He was baptized about a year ago and has left with me everyweek that I have been here in Llano Largo. I love G. As we walked up to his house he was sitting outside not looking good at all. He was responding to us really slowly and complaining that he couldnt see very well at all. We went and found him medicine and gave him a blessing. I felt the spirit guide my words and fill the room. We sat down and talked with him for a while. In about ten minutes he already looked and seemed so much better. He later told us that just five minutes before we arrived. He was praying fervently that the elders would come and give him a blessing. He expressed his gratefulness and faith in the lord. I love a quote by President Monson who stated " The sweetest experience I know in life is to feel a prompting and act upon it and later find out that it was a fulfillment of someones prayer of someones need. And I always want the lord to know that if he needs an errand run. Tom Monson will run that errand for him." President Monson has given us the perfect example for us to follow. I echo his words. I always want to be willing and ready to run an errand for the lord. Nothing is sweeter than following the promptings of the spirit. I love this work. And I know this church is true. We have a true and living prophet who guides the Lords kingdom. It is a priviledge to be a part of the saviors work.

We are starting week six. Not sure it if it will be my last here in Llano Largo but im going to enjoy every minute.

Have a great week guys. Send my love to everyone at home!


Elder Hughes

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