Sunday, June 16, 2013

week 36 | Sion!

Hola familia!

Hey Riley, Zach, Mom, and Dad! So nice to hear from you guys. I love mondays too mom! That sounds like some crazy heat there in Rocklin Whew! Shout out to Scott Pulsipher and Jordan Mayne. How insane is that same mission same day wow! That puts all of us in the mission field now. I love that group of guys I grew up with. 

Have fun at girls camp Mom! Get pumped. hahaha. Im sure your going to have a great week with them. Scout camp and girls camp makes a big impact on the lives of the youth. And the leaders have a big role in that. Enjoy it and be sure to send some pictures down here to Guatemala.

Well Im just going to start with your list of questions for me hahahah.

How is it where I live? We live on the second story of a normal house here. I will send you guys some pictures next week. Its nice, not very big so with three people here can be a little tight but I like it. We have cold showers hahaha. At first that was hard for me here in Guatemala but now its pretty normal. I just have to flex and man up before I run beneath the water hahahah. "WHOOO" pretty cold.

How is the area different? It is alot smaller and compact. I really like that part. Instead of waiting and taking busses all day we do alot of walking between appointments. I like working closer to the Bishop and Ward mission leader here. They really support us which is nice. Alot of the difficulties remain the same though.

Companions? I love my companions! Elder S is great. We are developing our relationship more and more. Elder C is good. A little different but I love him. Im not sure how much longer he will be with us though.

Resonsibilities of a ZL? There are alot of them haha. Basically if any of the elders or hermanas have a big problem or occurrence they call us. We oversee and direct the work in the Zone. We do alot of divisions where we travel and work with the elders in their areas. Its definetly alot of work. I am pretty beat right now hahaha But I love it. I just really try and support, love, and ecourage the missionaries. Thats really what we all need in life anyway!

Some highlights this week. On Tuesday we got up at four in the morning to go to something called "conselio" or leadership meeting. We have this meeting every month in the mission. All the Zls in the mission come to President and Hermana Watts house for training. I loved it. We go over some of the problems and news in the mission and then President and the Assistants adress us. The meeting the month before Elder Martino of the Seventy came. So on tuesday we skped him and reported all the accomplishments we had the month before. He set some big goals for us. In the mission we baptised 127 people in the month of May! He set new goals with us and informed us we will be coming back for the next meeting on the second of July ahhhhhh. Well we need to baptize 15 people in our zone this month hahaha. The coolest part is after we all go up to where president and hermana Watts live to eat a homecooked meal from Hermana Watts. Oh my goooooodnesss It was like going up into heaven for an hour hahahah. The best meal Ive had in my mission hands down! And we all get a little taste of home when were up there. It was so hard to leave hahahah. This was the last conselio for Mission Norte. The mission is literally splitting in a week or two. Poor hermana watts was crying when the elders from the new coban mission left :(.

We then as Zone leaders have a zone meeting every month where we teach and adress the whole zone. I was pretty nervous! We had our meeting on Thursday morning with everyone. I really tried to animate the zone. Getting everyone focused on our goals and our personal conversion as missionaries. I am definitely not the most experienced missionary. I cant say Im the greatest teacher or finder in the mission. But I try and have hope and enthusiasm in all that I do. We only have one mission. So we need to take advantage of every day.

To end the week we had a Baptism! C got baptised. We spent most of the morning cleaning the church and getting ready for the baptism. All went really well. Its nice when we can get everything planned and taught so that our ward mission leader directs the meeting. A member baptizes  And everthing is ready. So all we had to do was sit, watch and enjoy. We have our investigator F who is looking so good. She is getting ready for the 22nd of June!

Whew! this week has been a little nuts. With meetings, divisions, baptisms, and alot of other little problems hahah. Being here in Molino is going to be yet another big learning experience. The lord always knows how to stretch and teach us. I am so grateul for the oppourtunities I have been given to serve. I love that word SERVICE. We did not come to this world to be served. But to serve others. I have come to understand on my mission what real missionary service is. We do not need a nametag, a calling, or an invitation to serve. Every member of the church has a duty to serve. We all made a promise with our heavenly father that we would do so. Just read in Mosiah chapter 18. At the end of the day when we all stand before our Father in Heaven all the callings, jobs, and recognition we receive in the world and in the church will ALL be secondary to how much we have loved and served our fellow man.

This week just flew by! Im glad to hear summer is getting started with all the kids out of school. Enjoy it! I love you all so much. All my friends and family back home. I pray for each one of you. Have  a great week!


Elder Hughes
Hermana Watts
with Elder G!

a very large bug!

 all the Zone Leaders

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