Sunday, June 2, 2013

week 34 | Big News!

Hola familia! 

I loved all the pictures Mom! I didnt even think about it being memorial day.....Santa Cruz, Ziplines, Giants games. That's how the Hughes family does vacation right there. I talk about you guys and California all the time down here. What a privilege we have to live in such a beautiful state. Big shoutout to Grandpa Val on winning the Utah, Senior Amaetur. Love you grandpa I even pray for your golf game down here. Even though all of yours should be directed towards mine for when I get back hahaha. Just have the docs put in the newest bionic shoulder and your gonna come back better that ever! I got a letter from the Harless' thanks! I love you guys.

Its change week sooooooo drumroll everyone................... I am going to have my first change in the feild!! My suitcases have sat in the back corner of my house for six months haha. Time to clear off all the dust. Im going somewhere else hahaha. They dont tell us where we are going on change nights. So I will find out on Wendsday morning at change conference. I do know that im not going to be training but thats about it.

Thats the big news from this week. It really feels weird right now. Llano Largo feels like my home and its hard for me to image walking around in some other place hahahah. I have been incredibly blessed in my first area. With companions, members, and many many great memories. The mission is like ripping a bandaid off over and over again. You get attached to your companions, members and investigators and then it all changes. I feel really excited to turn another page in my mission and continue to learn, grow and help others. For my "kids" Elder L has a change which really suprised me. Elder M is going to stay in Llano largo. I am really not sure at all whats going to happen. There are so many options for me. This change is really big because in a couple weeks the mission is going to split. Honestly I want to stay here in the Capital with President and Hermana Watts but we will see! But im good with anything. I really just want to go where the lord needs me doing his work. 

Someone left the sink on up there in the States because it is starting to rain ALOT! hahaha. We are definetly into the winter time now here. Im getting used to wet feet and being really wet hahaha. The rain really makes Guatemala even more beautiful. Everything is turning really green and the clouds sit really close to us. Guatemala is Beautiful!

I got my comps up early on Wendsday to go on a RUN! We ran for Heidi. I remember going on runs with her in the winter time. Heidi is always in my heart and thoughts here. And im definitely going to go on a run every 22nd for the rest of my life hahahah! Love you Greenwood family. I continue to pray for you guys.

The work seemed slower this week. Alot of fallen citas and missing members but thats the mission hahah. I really saw this week how the lord blesses us after we push through the trails and problems. I think I have mentioned to you guys an investigator named O. We reached a point in the process where we told him "O you have to get your own answer" We challenged him very clearly to pray with real intent, in a quiet place. Asking the lord if you need to take this step of baptism. He answered us a few days later. These moments always scare me hahahah But he told us he got his answer and he wants to be baptized this next Saturday. Music to every missionaries ears hahahah. We were also able to set another baptismal date with Alex this week. A young guy we found from contacting a few weeks back. The Lord continues to bless us here. It is REALLY hard to leave these people this week. 

Dont have much time but just want to share a quote I saw this week. "God does notice us and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore it is vital that we serve one another." Spencer W Kimball. I have seen this truth in my life. The Lord has surrounded me with so many amazing people. Family, freinds, teachers, mission presidents and other missionaries. The Lord watches over all of us. This I know to be true. Sometimes we just have to stop and look around to see it.

Love you guys! This week is going to be CRAZY!  I had a hard time sleeping last night. But Im so excited to see what the Lord has prepared for the next stage of my mission. I love this work! And I love all of you.

Until next week in a different area ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Elder Hughes

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