Sunday, June 16, 2013

week 35 | Wow, a week of change!

Hey Guys!!!!!

Well coming at you guys today from my new area in Los Preyectos Zona 6! So glad to hear you guys are doing well and enjoying time with Friends in Rocklin. All that food is making my mouth water. I think I have forgetton what American food tastes like hahaha. Well this week was a little busy to say the least. On Wendsday morning I headed out to change conference where I was informed Im going to be the new Zone Leader in Molino. AHHHH I was pretty shocked. My new companion is Elder S, he is from Mexico. The stake center where we have change conference is the Molino stake center so I didnt move very far from the conference.

It was pretty weird for me at first changing areas. I know Llano Largo like the back of my hand but I felt so lost at first. The thing with all the streets and adresses here is there is no order to it hahaha. You just have to learn by sight and experiece. I feel really humbled and excited to be a ZL. It comes with lots of responsibilities and extra things to do haha. President told the four new ZLs in an interveiw that we have to be perfect and the mission and missionaries cannot surpass the leaders. If we need to improve and have more success it starts with us. Whew! 

A little bit about my new area. Its called "sion" or zion in english haha. Right now im actually in another trio. We have Elder C with us. He is waiting for his visa to go to Peru and has had some issues so far in the mission so he is with us for a while. I love my new area. It's alot smaller than Llano Largo which I like because it seemed like we lost alot of time walking taking busses between lessons. Where we live its pretty calm and quiet. The bishop and about seven member families live really close to us so that is way nice! Our ward Mission leader Z is AMAZING! He was baptized a year ago in one of the coolest conversion stories Ive ever heard. He is a huge help to us here always leaving with us! He has a wife and a little two year old daughter. Im really excited about the area. Lots of members are active and strong in the church.

I will stay here in the new Mision Guetemala Este with President and Hermana Watts so im pretty excited about that!

We have three investigators here that are progressing well. We have a baptism planned this next Saturday for a woman named C. she is the only non member in her family. After working through a few problems this week looks like she will be baptized this coming Saturday! F is another one. She is a reference from her good freind in the ward. She is progressing and learning very quickly. We taught her the second lesson my first night here! And Lastly E, Love this guy. His wife D is a member and they just had their first child about a week and a half ago. We got them all to church on Sunday! I am excited to keep helping these people progress and receive the many blessings their father in heaven has in store.

Oh and O from Llano largo was baptized and confirmed this last weekend. AHH of course three days after I leave hahahahah. I was so excited to hear that. Elder M baptized him too!

I really feel like im turning a new page on my mission. I have spent a little time reflecting and looking for ways to improve. I love the concept that we can change and improve. In reality we are always changing and becoming someone new. Yet we can either change deliberatly or accidentally. Thats our choice! I love this gospel. I know that this church is true. And I love to be a missionary!!! The savior loves each and every one of us personally. I have been a witness of the purifying power of the atonement. Its real and people can and do change. Through our works and the power of Christs Atonement we can become so much greater. I love my Family and freinds so much! Have a great week!

Much Love

Elder Hughes

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