Sunday, May 12, 2013

6months......I cannot belive it | week 27

Hola familia!

Hope you guys all had a great conference weekend! I know I enjoyed all the sessions! Im so glad you guys have gotten to know the Elders in 1st ward! Keep helping them and everything they seem like great elders. Mom I just loved the picture of Heidi you sent me. I printed it out and hung it by my bed. Got a package from the Jays this week! Thank you guys so much. Every holiday I have gotten a card from you guys. Thanks for all of your support and love it is much appreciated. Also got a letter from Rachel and Wade Buxton! Thanks guys.

Our week felt a bit slow trying to get things going, finding, and helping people progress. We did set a baptismal date with the R family. We are looking at April 23rd for their marriage and baptism. We are praying and fasting for S so that he can get his work schedule changed on Sundays. I know that there is power in honest prayer and fasting. We are putting this at the Lords feet and I know we can see a change. We continue the search for more investigators and especially new families!

Conference weeked was so great! We got together with the whole zone on Saturday to watch conference together. After alot of work and persistance we were able to get a room set up in English. A few one liners that I loved on Saturday!

"There are few things more powerful than a thoughtful prayer of a mother" Elder Packer

"Stay on the Lords side and you will win every time" Elder Scott

"Dedicated missionary service brings eternal joy....... A mission is a family affair" President Monson

I was touched by the powerful words of the Prophet Saturday night during preisthood session. I feel so priviledged to be engaged in such an important and amzing work! I also noticed a few themes in all the talks about finding peace. I know that through our personal obedience and loving service to others we are blessed with a profound peace and calm of the soul. Nothing in this world is of more value. Elder Cook talked about how if we have this peace of the Savior in our lives it does not matter what trails or heartaches that come. We will be build on a foundation where we cannot fall and will not be detered.

On Sunday Morning in the Chapel everyone came and watched conference together. As I was waiting for the session to start my jaw dropped as Hermano P walked in with his little son! If you guys remember he is the man we have walked back to his house about five times now. Just a few days earlier Elder M and I took him home in the night and brought him some food and water. I could not beleive it. He looked good, clean shaven, and with a huge smile on his face. I could not stop smiling!!! He gave me a huge hug and told me that everytime he had the overwhelming feeling to leave the house and return to the street he would look at a picture of the Savior pulling Peter up out of the water. He just thanked me telling me that I was the one who never gave up. I could not help but tear up. The atonement is real. The Savior will always be there to lift us out of the water. It is never too late to change. Ever. 

I love my family! I know I say that every week repeatedly. It must be said hahah. Dad thanks for the letter this week. I feel so blessed to call you my father. You humble quiet example of hard work and love for others has touched my life. Just want you to know I love you so much! You never take the credit so Im just going to give it to you hahaha. Thanks for showing me the way. 

My prayers go out to the Greenwood family. Remember how much I love you guys. I pray for all my freinds and family! 

Much love from Guatemala,

Elder Hughes

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