Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday! | week 31

Feliz cumpleaños a ti, Feliz cumpleaños a ti, Feliz cumpleaños a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wow happy birthday Dad! What are you turning now like 25! Still looking as studly as ever. I hope your day will be a good one i'm thinking about you guys. Im sure mom made you some of your favorite cheesecake hahaha. You can go ahead and eat my slice for me! Dad your so awesome. I look up to you so much. If I had to answer the common question of who my heroe is It would have to be you Dad. Your humble and constant example has always inspired me. Love you tons. I will sing to you on Sunday dont worry.

Well sounds like the spring activities are starting to wind down and summer is getting started. Well its the opposite here in Guatemala, May officially starts winter or the rainy season here. I have seen a change in the climate and it is starting to rain alot! I think im going to have to get used to just being soaking wet all the time haha. Just want to thank Rachel Buxton I got your card with the photos of Heidi. Wow I was just touched by your thoughtfulness. I carry the pictures and her testimony around with me everywhere I go.

I'm pretty dang excited right now because were going to be able to talk this week woooooo! 

This week in Llano Largo was a quality one! On Tuesday all of my district and the Zone leaders went to Los Pinos to work in their area. The Elders there in my district have had a tough time the last few changes so we are trying everything we can to help them. All together we found them seven new investigators and a new family. I enjoyed it and its kind of fun to work in a different area for a little bit.

I honestly beleive that we can see a couple more baptisms before this change ends. We had the best turnout of investigators that I have seen in all my time here on Sunday. There were five that came and three for the first time. Its kind of freaky when you start having dreams about your investigators coming to church hahahaha. I have had some crazy mission dreams lately that are like half english half spanish hahahaha.

We continue to work really hard with O and M. There are always challenges especially when you get closer to baptism dates. Satan works hard on them. Really hard. I had a couple experiences this week that just assured to me even more that I am exacly where I need to be on my mission. A family that I was able to help activate a while back pulled up to us in their car while we were walking home just to say hi and tell me thank you for helping them. Wow love that! Hermano P is doing well. After a few more slips and struggle of late I gave him a blessing Saturday night. There have only been few other occasions where I have felt the spirtit guide so directly in a blessing. I just love the people here. I am humbled weekly as I see and feel the kinds of problems and situations people face here. To state it simply the mission is a humbling experience.

Well I have spend some time reflecting and pondering about my wonderful Mother! I sat at my desk this morning thinking for a while about what my Mother means to me. I sure have a soft spot for you mom. Mom I just want to thank you for all that you have done and taught me in my life. Nothing in this world can replace the influence and effect of a righteous mother. Mom thanks for always teaching me lesson number 1 "never give up" I remember with me and Taylor you never let us settle. Never let us end some thing early. Thank you. That is something I have used alot here in the mission feild. Lesson number 2 "when you do something do it all the way" I laugh as I remember the nights when I had to vacume the whole house over again because it wasnt done right the first time hahaha. I only have one mission. And I am doing everything I can to "do it right" hahah. Mom I feel so proud to be your son. I love being able to say that my mother is my best freind. I love you soooooo much. I am so excited to talk to you on sunday! Never ever forget it Tanner Loves you.

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Riley and Zach! Love you guys all so much. Talk to you soooooon!


Elder Hughes

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