Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting Wet | week 30

Well HI guys! 

Thanks for the email Dad I love hearing from you guys. And thanks for all the updates. Congratulations to Grant, Mcall, and Kevin! Everbody is starting to get married how crazy! 

What a week! I have so much to tell you guys and not enough time to do it hahaha. Well Tuesday was probably one of the top days I have had on my mission. After getting the wedding and baptism all planned out it turned out great. We went over on Tuesday morning with the Sisters to give S and A a white shirt and ties, and a cool dress for A that the sisters picked out. We had a wedding ceremony at three and the relief society president married them, she is a lawyer so that worked out perfect. It wasnt anything grand or crazy, just simple and full of love. We got about forty people there from the ward to support them! To be honest the wedding was one of my favorite parts of the week. I even signed as a witness hahaha. We went strait into the Baptism after that. Such a great sweet spirit was felt there with all the members and all of us in white. I just could not stop smiling and A and S were so happy. S was pretty nervous before but all went well. He gave me the biggest hug in the font. There is no price in all of the world that can be put on moments like that. When marriage and eternal covenants are made a sweet joy is felt by all who are present. We got two cakes for after the Baptism.... typical Tanner forgot to get forks and plates hahahah that would be nice. Somehow those things got lost in the mix. Thanks to the Sisters they ran and got some for us really quick. Looking back this past week was such a blessing filled one. I thanks my Father in Heaven daily for the R family and my oppourtunity to be just a part of this great and marvelous work.

Wendsday we had interveiws with President and Hermana Watts. There are few things I enjoy more than this. I love my mission President and his Wife so much. I strive daily to always be worthy of their confidence in me as a missionary. To be honest I do not want to go up north before the mission splits. I really want to stay with President Watts hahahah. But my interests dont really matter. Its about what the lord wants.

Some highlights this week! We set two new baptismal dates with an investigator named O! He is dating one of the young women in the ward. We have been teaching him in the house of his girlfriend with here family. Humble kid. We are really sriving to help him have some spiritual experieces and make this decision because he wants to do it! We also set a date with Maria Riviera. I have worked with here for about two and a half months. I think we have invited here three times already hahah. Felt the spirit so strong in our lesson Saturday night and asked her again. She acceped! Both O and M are going to be our focus. We need to fast, pray and keep them progressing!

To answer some of your questions dad. How am I feeling? Feeling great!! after a good chunk of time here I think my stomach is adjusted. Just had to get put through the gauntlet first!

My favorite food? I love pretty much all the food here. I love the colored beans and tortillas here! I will have to make you guys a standard Guatemala meal one day!
How are the new guys? My companions are doing well. I love them so much. Elder L really has a gift for learning languages. So he loves it when I help him with his english. I think a change might be coming my way here but who knows!

I loved a quote by Brad Wilcox in his talk "His grace is sufficient" he said " Do we earn a sunrise? No. Do we have to be worthy of a chance to begin again? No. We just have to accept these blessings and take advantage of them. As sure as each brand new day." Every day is a new day! The sun always comes up again and we start over. The Savior offers each of us a spiritual sunrise. The question is if we take advantage of his gift and we progress, learn and grow from our experiences. any one can change and we can make that choice right now. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I strive to use his wonderful gift to change myself and lift others. I know without a doubt in my heart that this message is true. I love my savior and I strive to spread this love in all that I do. Thankfully there will be another sunrise tomorrow. Another chance to begin again and to learn.

I love you all! Have a great week. The Savior knows and loves you.

Much Love,

Elder Hughes

 the wedding

 the baptism that followed the wedding

 the kids are maybe Tanner's favorite part of his mission

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