Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lightning has struck again | week 28

Hey family!

Sorry this is coming at you guys so late. This day has just been crazy. We had our zone activity all day today and I have all the elders in my district write first. The internet place closes in about 25 minutes so this is gonna be fun.

So glad everyone had a great birthday in Rocklin! Mom and the big Z man! Happy birthday again. So this week was a little crazy. Im not really sure how the missionaries keep going sometimes haha. We dont do it alone. On Tuesday night got a call from the assistants telling me that I will be receiving another companion from Brazil! I now will be training two hahahha. Elder L is from Sau Paulo Brazil. He arrived the following day by taxi. Honestly at first I just felt so overwhelmed, lately I have asked myself how this is all happening. Six months, training 2, and DL...... It definetly isnt happening by my own strength ha. The craziest part is Elder L is learning spanish, his native language is portugese. At first It was kind of hard to understand what he was telling us. Portugese and Spanish are very similar in structure and vocabulary. Lucky for me he already knows quite a bit and communicating isnt too huge of a problem. Sometime me and Elder M have to have him repeat things for us. So my posterity is growing! We were laughing the other day. All of us grew up learning a different language. We now all live and work together 24/7 speaking the same one spanish! How cool is that!!

We fasted and prayed this week for Familia R. S was able to come to church on Sunday. We are just waiting to see if he will be able to change his job schedule for Sundays. But everything is looking good for the 23rd of April! We have found and are teaching a number of families and Investigators! The hermanas in my district baptized this Saturday! A little boy named J. I was able to meet him and do my first baptismal interveiw as a DL whew! hahah It went so well.  Such a blessing I have to meet these people and get to know them better haha.

Today officially starts my fourth change in the feild and here in Llano Largo. Which I cannot believe. It honestly just feels like one big dream I'm having and one day im going to wake up. This last change summed up in one word was a challenge. I have never been brought to my knees with so much frecuency in all of my life. Through all the challenges, doubts, obstacles, and difficulties I have learned more about myself and my Savior than in my entire life. I felt like this change was such a turning point in my mission. I took a huge step forward in responsibility, and influence. If I have learned one lesson it is that all things are possible if we rely on the lord. I have felt the Lord pick me up out of my bed in the morning so many times hahah! I have a hard time describing in words the experiences and things that have happened here in Llano Largo and in my life.

I received letters from Faith, Rachel Buxton, and Maria Duncan today! Also many emails here in my inbox. If I didnt respond to you this week I will the next I promise hahah. Thanks for all your love and support! Ahhhhh Running out of time hahah Sorry this letter was a little crazy. I just want to leave you guys with a quote from President Monson!

"God bless all those who endeavor to be their brothers keeper, who give to the ameliorate suffering, who strive with all that is good in them to make a better world. Have you noticed that such individuals have a brighter smile? Their footsteps are more certain. They have an aura about them of contentment and satisfaction...for one cannot participate in helping other without experiencing a rich blessing himself " 

I also know that this is true. I feel so priviledged to be a small part of the lords work here on the earth. I know that our father has reaching out to his children in love once again. He has restored his church again on the earth. Joseph Smith was his chosen prophet to bring forth this great work. With all the desire in my heart I ask everyone talk with the missionaries THEY CAN HELP YOU. They have a message for you! And it will bring more peace, happiness and joy into your life than you possibly imagine. 

Love you Mom, Dad, Riley, Zach and Aaron! Until next week when I have a little more time to collect my thoughts haha To all I send my love and prayers.

Elder Hughes

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