Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey guys! | week 29

Hola familia!

Well I cannot beleive it is Monday already. I literally feel like I was just sitting here at this computer Ha Time is just flying. Things sound like they have been very unsettled and a little crazy at home. My heart goes out to the Treseder Family. Let them know I care about them and I am fervently praying on their behalf. I always remember Brother Treseder being so freindly and kind to me back home. Tell Sheldon I love him and give him a nice big hug from his freind. I feel for Aaron. I was just hoping things would really turn around soon for him. One thing I do know is we can never give up on him. Ever. Let him know I love him. From a different perspective I have seen how spiritually and emotionally draining this month must have been for you guys. I know the Lord gives us trails and challenges so that we may learn and grow. Stay strong and go back to the fundamentals of the gospel. Nothing is more important than a firm gospel foundation in our lives. See Helaman 5:12 in the book of mormon!

Well the week got started off a little crazy with a change of plans wendsday I went up to Juan a de Arco to do a baptismal interveiw for them. And since I was up there I just decided to stay and work with them the following Wendsday. So I "left my kids home alone for the first time" hahahah. Fighting a little cold and on the road wore me out haha But I just enjoyed it. There is nothing that I love more than to help other people and other missionaries. Also baptismal interveiws are just my favorite! In about forty five minutes you get to see and really experience the conversion of one of Gods Children.

Tomorrow we are gonna have a Wedding and the Baptism of A and S R! Everything is ready to go. Im going to baptize S while Elder M will baptize A! Im so excited for Elder M it is his first in the mission. I really feel like this wonderful family is such a blessing from my Heavenly Father. My testimony of fasting and prayer has grown so much. If you want to unlock the powers of heaven and see a miracle. There is only one combination. Sincere, fervent fasting and prayer ALWAYS works. Dont forget to add the faith in there too haha. After alot of this comination Samuel was able to get his schedule changed for work! I know this work is true and that the gospel blesses families! 

I had the oppourtunity to teach the young men this Sunday at church which was great. I love the youth! I have really reflected recently on the powerful effect my youth leaders had on my life. Everyone of them changed me for the better and helped me get to where im at now... on the mission! I just want to thank all those leaders in my life. There are too many to name right now. Love you guys! I think it is a true reflection of their influence to see so many from our ward serving missions.

I am excited for this coming week. We seemed to face alot of rejection the past week. Sometimes missionaries ask themselves "why is it so hard to find people who want to listen to this message we have?" Every missionary has asked this question haha I know I have a few times lately. Patience is the key. Patience, Patience and dilligence is what I keep telling myself hahah.

Hey if you guys have any questions for me, ask me! haha If there is anything you want to know about Guatemala, the food, the people ask me hahah Just thought id throw that out there.

I want to share a few thought that I had this week on a talk by President Uchtdorf. As I was flipping though an Ensign looking for an added boost and a little help from the Lord I landed on a conference talk named "Forget me not". I beleive it was given a few years back in the Relief society session. There is a section where he talks about focusing on the "why" of the gospel. And that sometimes in life and in the church we get caught up in the "Whats" and "hows" of the gospel and our daily life. What we are going to do, and how we are going to do it. I have seen this in my own life and in missionary service. I think we get blinded by the "to do list" way to look at church and family service. I have found that when I understand and focus on the "whys" of the gospel and my missionary service something changes. A different light and understanding comes. True joy and love is found in our lives and our relationships with others. The coolest thing is we know WHY we are here. Why we serve. Why we have families. Why we serve missions. And Why we follow the Savior and obey his commandments. I think it will help us all to ask and remember "why" we do the things we do.

I love you Mom and Dad. My companion just showed me a mormon message named "Earthly heavenly father" Im sure you guys have seen it but maybe not hahah I loved it and It reminded me of my earthly mother and father. Love you guys!

Thanks for all you do for me. Send my love to the Treseder Family. And all the people back home. 

Hasta la proxima Lunes!

Elder Hughes

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