Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Semana Santa | week 26

after my first district meeting

Hola Familia!!! 

Hey guys HAPPY Lunes! Thanks for the letter and your support. Mom, like always, the pictures look so great. Andrew looking pretty studly haha! I was thinking this week was spring break but I wasnt exactly sure. San Francisco just looks awesome. Especially since the Giants are reigning world series champs once again haha! Wow the painting of Heidi and the Savior is just breathtaking. Whoever did that, great job, her depiction and smile is right on and to see her in the Saviors loving arms is just amazing. Because I know thats exactly where she is at right now.

Here in Guatemala this week they celebrate something called Semana Santa. It is really big for all the Catholics here. The traditions include tons of processions in the city and other parts of Guatemala. Literally everyone goes to the beach hahahaha. It is really the only time that mostly all of the people here have work off for a couple days. For the missionaries this can be good and bad all at the same time. The streets were just dead thursday and friday with everyone out "paseando" and traveling. Yet at the same time some families that normally are hard to find are in their houses!

We told ourselves early on this week that we werent going to let this holiday or anything impede us from having a good week. We did alot of walking with alot of the busses not working and were able to find six new investigators and a new family! I really feel like im settling in to being a trainer and DL. We got a call late Tuesday night that Elder O's Visa wnt through and he would be leaving the following day for his mission in Peru. Really felt strange to lose him he brought alot of energy and laughter to our companionship and I just love that guy so much! It has been really cool to see how much he has learned and changed in just two and a half months here. There is a different feel in our house right now but it is so great! Elder M and I get along really well! He is super calm and just a go with the flow guy.

We received a new family this week from the Hermanas! Always nice when that happens haha The R family was taught originally by the Sisters who used to be in my district. The husband has already read the whole Book of Mormon and prayed about it. My jaw dropped that just never happens haha. He did it all in a month too. They have a little one month old girl S. I am so dang excited to get these guys ready to be baptized. Me and Elder M both feel like we are on the edge to seeing quite a few baptisms. Its always in this crucial part of conversion where Satan works the hardest on the investigators. We are praying and working as hard as we can to help these amazing people enter into the gate of baptism and receive so many blessing from the Lord.

President and Hermana Watts came to our sacrament meeting on Sunday which is always so cool! I love my mission president and his wife soooooooo much! Hermana Watts called me this morning to talk about Heidi and everything from this last week. Wow, her words and love just inspire me so much. I am grateful for the relationship I have been able to develop with them its amazing!

I had the oppourtunity this week to teach some families about the plan of salvation this week. There is no knowlege in all of this world that holds more worth to us here than the Lords plan of happiness. I have been able to testify in a special way this week. Greenwoods your family and the fact that you are an eternal family sealed in the temple is changing lives here in Guatemala. I pray for you guys daily and thank my Heavenly father for this knowledge and comfort he has given us. I have felt my testimony grow and strengthen is week as I reflect about the events of last week. Heidi's life was defined by her love and example of the Savior. I feel priviledged to be able to teach others of him. And I know that now more than ever before Heidi knows what we are feeling and is going to be there to lift and strengthen us.

Just want to share a quote by President Uchtdorf " Because we all depend on the mercy of God. How can we deny to others any measure of the grace we so desperately desire for ourselves? My beloved brothers and sisters, should we not forgive as we wish to be forgiven" What powerful and meaningful questions he raises. I know that Christ lives and can and should be a part of our daily lives. As we watch conference this week I know there will be a message directed specifically to each one of us. Watch and listen for your answer and I know that through the power of the Holy Ghost we will all be uplifted and recommitted to living this gospel. I know this church is true. Love you all!

Until next week! Let us keep the Savior and Heidi in our hearts.

Much Love

Elder Hughes

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