Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mi querido amoroso magnifica familia! | week 24

Hola familia! 

Sounds like baseball season continues to get heated up! I dont think alot of people know what baseball is here haha And to be completely honest here I had no idea it was St Patricks day this last week. There is a holiday coming up here called semana santa. They take this thing seriously. There are a ton of processions with all the Catholic Churches and everything. For alot of people it is the only day or two they have off of work for the whole entire year. I hadnt heard anything about this new email policy but I,m definetly a fan haha Matthew wrote me this week telling me too so it was really nice to hear from him as well. I just loved your story in the donut shop Mom and Dad. I beleive there are oppourtunities all around us like that, we just need to be looking for them and sensitive to the spirit.

To summarize my week it was a challenge. We struggled all week to find people in their homes with appointments falling right and left. I have been very busy with the work, the district, and alot of little details that go into each day. By the time we get back to the house I get all the numbers and calls done for the night, we plan for the following day I'm usually crawling into bed a little bit later haha. One of the challenges we have seen this week is just how to help these investigators progress. Many times we set baptismal dates early and the progression is like pulling teeth. To really gain a testimony, and find the peace and blessings that come from the gospel people must read the Book of Mormon, Pray and come to church. There is no other substitute. I have learned this week how the lord tests and stretches us. He molds us into who he needs us to be. The witness always comes after the trail of our faith. This applies to all of us as missionaries and for the people we teach. But despite some challenging days we can always find joy and happiness in the work and life. A couple experiences I had this week....

Went on my first division with Elder D in my district! I spent my Wendsday in Los Pinos where I was able to see his area and help him a little bit. We are working to get things moving for him. I can honestly say I learned a ton for the division. I hope I was able to help him out. Just like preparing a talk in church, If its done right the speaker gets more out of it than the congregation. Thats how I felt in the division.

Hermana S was baptized on Saturday! After more trails than I can remember it happened. There was some drama with her family. I directed the small baptism in the church. Elder O and I gave the talks and all ended up smooth. I will include a picture! And people here in pictures dont smile alot because they are worried about their smile. hahah They are happy I promise!

Lastly we probably had one of the saddest moments in my mission so far. I wont get specific but a member of my ward that I love alot. This Hermano was in church last sunday doing great. Progressing, and really happy. We found him in the street with all the drunks in our area. Dirty, drinking, and lost. I honestly couldnt beleive it for a minute. We passed this same area the next day and found him sitting still not doing good at all. We talked with him for a minute.... I just decided that we were going to take him home. Lifted him up and walked him about two miles back to his house. We all felt alot better knowing he was home and off the street. I pray for his little son who was asking us where his dad was a day earlier. I felt grateful for the oppourtunity to help my good freind in our ward. The mission is alot more than teaching and sharing this message its about being a witness of Jesus Christ and doing what he would do.

As we walked this man to his house a quote popped into my head that I found later that night by Elder Jeffery R Holland "However late you think you are, however many chanves you think youve missed, however mistakes you feel you have made or talents you think you dont have, or however far from home and family fou feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love, It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christs Atonement shines" I love these words because they are true. We can ALWAYS repent and change. If we have problems, weaknesses, shortcomings or sins. They can change. That is the majesty and hope we find In Jesus Christ. He knows us and our sins were paid in full. I know the Saviors loving arms of mercy are constantly outstreched towards us. I have felt this in my own life and felt the effects. I also see it in the mission feild. This is the message we bring to others. One of hope.

I love you all so much! Thanks for your support and love! We are going to have a zone conference this week that im excited about. The rumor is an area seventy is going to come but we will see! I love this work and the people. Until next week! Les amo mucho y se cuida! 

Elder Hughes

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