Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Heidi | week 25

Hola familia!

Just like you mom this letter is hard to start. Whenever a missionary returns home to find a missed call from their parents it is never a good sign. This week has been filled with alot of ups and downs, blessings, and prayer.

Saturday we returned from changing a less actives lamina roof. I'm getting pretty pro at doing that, haha. Too bad there isn't much of that in the States ha. I was shocked to see a missed call from you mom. I was just like that cannot be a mistake and cant be good. Called President and waited for a few hours for them to get out of a meeting. Got permission to call and started calling home. Of course right during the service... So just waited for what seemed like a long time waiting. I'm so grateful that I had the chance to talk to you guys as I heard the news. Also felt so touched by your words, Paige. You are such a strong Mother I cannot imagine what you have felt this week. Tears just kept coming to me after the call. Thoughts of Heidi and everything that we have done together just kept running through my head. As I have spent alot of time on my knees reflecting and asking for help. The heavens have been opened to me here in Guatemala. 

A few thoughts and reflections of Heidi. Heidi was truly a special person in my life. I feel so blessed to have had a close relationship with her. I loved her and I still do. Heidi was one of the purest, nicest, most loving person I have had the priviledge to know. She has a sincere way to simply care for people and children. She touched many lives and changed mine forever. She taught me how to love, how to laugh, and most of all how to live. Oh, how she touched my life. There are countless memories and times we were able to share. She made us laugh haha I will always remember her asking me for back massages hahahaha " Hey Tanner ...over here!". That was just one small thing that I was able to do for Heidi. I thank my Heavenly Father for the angel he sent into my life. It saddens me to know she won't be there when I return. Yet I do know we will meet again. Ok, Heidi I will take a heavenly back massage any day hahah

Saturday was a tough one. But I can testify that our Father in Heaven knows us perfectly. He will never leave us alone. I have felt a different spirit in these last few days. In a very subtle and tender way the lord has brought me perfect comfort. There is so much power in prayer. The Lord patches up our broken hearts and lets them swell and grow with love. Sunday I gave my first talk in Sacrament Meeting here in Llano Largo. During the sacrament hymn "I stand all amazed" the sprit touched me in a way I have never felt before. I fervently asked the Lord and Heidi for specific help in my talk. Walked up as the last speaker without flinching or stuttering once I gave my fifteen minute talk. I have not once in my life felt more supported from the other side of the veil. Thanks Heidi. President Murphy said something when I got set apart that I would receive help from people in the spirit world. I felt that help so strongly on Sunday more than I have in my whole life. I thank my Heavenly Father for the help and comfort I have received the last few days. My thoughts and prayers have been with the whole Greenwood Family, and everyone back home. I cant image what this is like for the Greenwoods. Paige, Brian, Dana, Lisa, Amy, Erin, Jason, and Rachel are all specifically in my prayers. Dana I wish I could be there to give you a hug.... Know that I pray and think of you! I love you all back home. Been thinking and praying for Lauren Byers, Rachel Buxton, Shea Barker and many of the other people that she was closely associated with. I love you all and I know we all loved her alot.

Richard G Scott said something very profound last spring that I would like to share. " Relationships can be strengthened through the veil with people who we know and love. That is done by our determined effort to continually do what is right. We can stregthen our relationship with the departed loved one by recognizing that the separation is temporary and that the covenants made in the temple our eternal. When consistantly obeyed such covenants assure the realization of the promises inherent in them"

I love this gospel. Our loving heavenly father has given us the oppourtunity to have and develop wonderful relationships here on the earth. Why would he not allow for these sacred things to continue? I know that Heidi Is doing so well right now and watching over each one of us. I know that Christ lives and loves us. Heidi was too pure too wonderful to stay with us. The Lord needs her. And she will forever be in my heart. I love my family so much. Families are eternal they truly are. No gospel truth brings more comfort and purpose than that. I have been stretched and tried in big ways this week, while also feeling the Saviors loving arms wrap around me. Pray, and ask for strength, I promise it will come.

Until next week. Stay safe and show some of Heidi´s love for someone else. I feel privledged to be here helping and loving the people of Guatemala.

Heidi! We will go on a run in heaven!

Love Elder Hughes

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