Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HEY! | week 23

Mi querido familia! 

Hey guys! Hope everything is going well! First thanks for all the pictures wow I just loved them. Riley you look like a stud bro. The first thing I thought of is wow you look older and more grown up. You look great. And I just loved the pics of Sarina and Christian! You guys look awesome and the pictures came out amazing. Congratulations. When is the wedding again? Mom I thought of that the other day about how many great memories we have made at the ball park. For our family that was a place where we were always together. 

Well been a week of change for me. On Wednesday I went to the conference of changes to get my "hijo"! There were alot of Elders and Hermanas there that I hadnt seen in a long time! The assistants called me into an office to let me know that I would be training and the new District Leader here........ I literally almost fell over from pure shock. Just insane! They just told me President has trust in you and good luck, hahahah. So in my district there are four sets of missionaries. Seven Elders and two Hermanas. My new Companion is Elder M. He is from here in Guatemala a place called Antigua one of the most beautiful cities here In Guatemala. I think It has won a bunch of international awards also.

The first couple days this week were a bit stressful. They dont really tell or train you on how to be a district leader but the advantage I have is I got to watch Elder G for three months. I can honestly say that the Lord always provides a ways for his missionaries to accomplish these assignments. Wendsday night I plead with the Lord for help. Help with the area, with the language, with my new responsibilites. On Friday I finally felt settled into everything. We had a productive week in our area. Found five new investigators that we are going to continue to visit. With the F-R Family we are so close! They are only missing a little bit more with the paperwork to get married. So we are hoping to see them bet Baptized around the 26th or 27th of March! 

We ate a really interesting meal this week called K´aqui´k its a native soup with chicken. It comes from Coban where the secret ingredient is Cobanero peppers! Man this stuff is hot haha I will say that during my time here I have developed a love for hot food haha They put salsa on pretty much everything.

As I have reflected on this week I have seen a change in myself as a missionary. From sun up until about 10:45 at night Its always going, running, making decisions. Everyone always talks about losing yourself on the mission. I feel grateful for this oppourtunity I have to grow and develop as a person. I love the missionaries in my district and this just gives me another oppourtunity to help people! Thats really what life is all about is helping others. Thats what Christ did and its what we should always look to do. There is no such thing as a little act of kindness. I feel so happy! I have learned out here that Happiness is not measured by anything that comes from the media or physical entertainment. True happiness comes when we can say I am obedient, striving to be better, and im helping other people. I wish I could just reach through the screen to all my freinds and family and tell you I care and If you ever need anything ASK ME! hahaha 

To close just want to share a quote to think about this week. "The face of sin often wears a mask of tolerance. Do not be deceived, behind that facade is heartache, unhappiness, and pain... If your so called freinds urge you to do anything that you know to be wrong, you be the one to make a stand for right even if you stand alone" President Monson
That sly guy satan is always trying to deceive us. We know what is right. We know what isnt right. Wickedness never was happiness..... It never will be. I love this work. I love being a missionary! But most of all I just love to help hahahaha 

Have a great week and always keep things positive! Love you guys!


Elder Hughes

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