Monday, September 22, 2014

Hola | week 103


Thanks for the Email Dad! I just loved it. Thanks for the birthday wishes. 21.... this week that just looks so old haha. Thanks for the updates too! I want to wish Grandma Barb a very happy birthday! We will have to celebrate a little late in October.

I have heard about that Movie that is going to come out. Should be pretty cool!

Well we had a very standard week! The highlight definetly was N's Baptism on Saturday. Everything went really well. There were no problems and the

Spirit was in abundance. I am so happy for N and I have seen such a change in her. She has through many months and even years before changed her life. She has found the hope and joy the gospel bring to all of us. She even defends the missionaries and the church when her co workers start talking bad and rudely about the Church. I am enjoying every minute!

We have a new ward mission leader which is helping alot. We havent had one for a long time. Things are clicking and we are going to be able to work closer with the members here in Sion which is a blessing.

We had the blessing to have interviews with President Crapo this week. I had a great interveiw which really helped me alot. I have been praying alot lately and President was able to answer my prayers. I know that the Atonement is real and that through Christ a healing and comforting power is found. I thank my Heavenly Father for the people he has sent me throughout my life and my mission that have helped me to progress spiritually.

We have been finding lots of new people to teach. We are going to really be focusing on setting new baptismal dates this week. 

We did divisions with the Assistants this week. I worked with Elder L one of my good freinds here. He wants to go to BYU but is in the same situation I was in. I told him about the Salt Lake Center. He is excited! It has been a blessing to make lots of new freinds here in the mission. Your going to have to meet some of them!

D, a young woman we have been working with for a long time could be baptized this week. She is so close. She wants to be baptized and has been going to all the Young Woman activities at church. We have just had some problems with her Dad who doesnt support her decision. We are praying so that she can be baptized this week.

There are so many other stories and people to talk about. We could write books haha. I just want you all to know how much I love you. I know I say it every week but it is because I really mean it. I have a testimony of this gospel and this work. It is true. It brings true joy and happiness. I hope you have a great week and that you take time to pray and talk with God. He wants to hear from you. 

I love you all! 

Elder Hughes

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