Monday, September 8, 2014

A week of Blessings | week 101

Hey guys! Dad thanks for the email and the sports updates. Go cougs! haha
Zach great job in your football game. I'm itching to come and watch you
play. Great job with the character award too. Thats the part that really
matters after all. I was thinking about you today. Dont worry if your not
getting all the play time you might want. Christian Daniels one of my
freinds on the team. Didnt get play time freshmen year and he just kept
working at it. By the time he was varsity one of the best players we had. I
always looked up to him. Mom im glad all the fall stuff is out woooohoooo!

Well another week in the books. Time is just flying by. It seems like
everyone here wants to remind me that my mission is coming to a close. It
makes me laugh. I feel great! We had a busy one. Lots of meetings and
things to do. On tuesday we had change conference here in the stake center.
This is always a longer day for us. We have to coordinate alot of things
and get up pretty early to get it done. Almost half the zone had changes
this last week. So lots of movement.

We also had the oppourtunity to have leadership council this week. I always
love this meeting. We have a new vision right now in the mission. We have
recieved some huge promises from the general authorities that have come to
visit. They told us that by the end of the year we should be seeing 20
baptisms every month! So we are working to move toward that!

Some cool experiences this week! We were walking down the street and after
an appointment fell we started talking with a young man named N. He
let us in his house and almost immediately we started talking about
baptism. After reading a little bit from the book of mormon we invited him
to baptism. He said he wants to change and be born again. We returned the
next day and taught him again with his Dad. They were not able to come to
church on Sunday but we are excited to work with them more. I know that God
prepares his children. We found lots of new investigators that are looking

B was baptized on Saturday! There was alot of opposition but
everything went well. Right before the baptism was supposed to start it
just started pouring rain hahahah! We had lots of the young adults
supporting here. When B came up out of the water she took about 10
seconds and cried. It was so COOL! I just wanted to give her a huge hug
hahahah but cant do that haha. B is a great convert she really has
embraced the Gospel and is doing great even though there have been trials
in her life. I am enjoying everyone of these moments.

Another interesting moment this week. We found some new investigators this
week and we began teaching them with some members that live close by. The
father has been the most receptive. As we were teaching the restoration to
the whole family everything was going well. The Mom belongs to another
Church and when we got to the apostacy and the restoration of the gospel
she stood up and walked off... Soon she began to throw stuff on the ground
and yell at her husband. She then refused to even look at us. We finished
the lesson but it got a little hostile in there haha. I felt calm and we
felt bad for the rest of the family. Sometimes the message of the gospel
seems to be a stone of stumling or a rock of offense. Christ was rejected
and mocked and he was the Son of God. While there are lots of people
willing to accept and receive the blessings of the gospel, there is
opposition in all things.

We have a group of people who we are getting ready for baptism this month.
We are working with B's little sister and some more young adults we
have found. I am so happy to be doing the work of the lord.

I read something today that impacted me and I feel like I should share it
with you. President Uchdorf while talking about the trials and things we
face in this life said,

"Often the deep valleys of our present will be understood only by looking
back on them from the mountains of our future experience. Often we cannot
see the lords hand in our lives until long after the trails have passed.
Often the most difficult times of our lives are essential building blocks
that form the foundation of our character and pave the way to future
oppourtunities, understanding, and happiness."

Dad I love that you saw that even though you worked so hard in your job
interveiw that you realize and accept the will of God after all is done.
That is called humility. Like President Uchtdorf says sometimes it is only
from the ¨mountains of our future¨ when we can truly understand why we are
in the valley right now. I have seen how my past experiences and trails
have shaped and prepared me for the future. Our Heavenly Father knows us
and he can see the big picture. His perspective is eternal and we should
work to develop the same perspective. I love you all so much. I love this
work and I am taking in every minute. I have been taking more time to take
in the sights the air and the people of Guatemala.

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Hughes

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