Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday Fun | week 104

A BIG thank you to Erwin and his family for helping us to surprise Tanner for his 21st birthday. I love Erwin & his family, we are so excited to have met him online and look forward to meeting him in person on Skype when Tanner returns home.
Hey Hey!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Thanks Mom and Dad for coordinating a cake and everything haha! When I asked who had bought it they told me you had sent money. Just want you guys to know how much I love you and no matter how far away I am you always make these days special. I cannot believe that I'm 21 holy moly! How did that happen?

Tell Tyler that I say hi this week! Im excited to see him soon.

I have been doing great. We had another good week. Unfortunately D wasn't baptized this week. She is ready and wants to follow Christ and be baptized. We had a lesson with her and her family. She summoned up all the courage she had to go and talk to her Dad one more time. Unfortunately he still will not give her permission. She was crying and really sad. Then her Father who we have taught and talked with on multiple occasions came down and told us that he will not give permission. Cant lie it was a tough moment. I just felt like crying for the rest of the day. There is always opposition in all things and I know that one day Darlyn will be baptized. She continues coming to church and progressing.

We found an awesome new family this week. The L family. M, A, and N just got married a month ago and are expecting their first child! We found them and began teaching this week. Wow! We felt the spirit strong and we have felt that they have been prepared by the Lord. They even came to church on Sunday! We are going to continue working with them this week.

Well on a side note I ate one of the worst things on my mission this week hahaha. One of the members here gave us tamales and we ate with them. They usually have chicken in them. Well as I was eating I asked hmmmm "what is this" well pigs ear haha. Never going to forget the texture and taste of that hahahah.

Also learned how to make tortillas this week! I have been putting it off all my mission. One of our investigators taught me. Pretty challenging because you have to do it with your hands,  I struggled at first but got the hang of it. We then ate bean soup with fresh tortillas and salt. One of the most humble meals here but so good! There is just something about fresh beans and tortillas here that just doesnt get old! Im going to have to make you guys some typical food from Guatemala.

I'm feeling good! I'm really trying to take in every moment here in the mission. I absolutely love the ward here. I have made some of the best freinds and I love the people. They are so humble and so full of life. We went to watch one of the young men here open his mission call. There house was packed full. H is going to be serving in Brazil! 

We planned a service activity in the zone today! We have been working with the leaders of indexing and family history. The area office let us borrow 10 laptops while we indexed for like four hours! We indexed 2000 names! It was fun and It gets me excited to get into family history after the mission.

I love this work so much! I am excited to see General Conference this coming weekend. This is going to be my 5th General Conference in the mission! I love it! I hope we can all pay attention to ALL the talks and receive personal revealation. I know that the we have a Prophet who leads this church and Christ is at the head. As we follow the Prophet and the teachings of our Church leaders we will be led and guided in all that we do!

Love you guys so much! Have a great week! Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

Elder Hughes

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