Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! | week 60

Hey everyone!!!!!

Thanks for the email mom sounds like you guys have had a really busy week. I am glad that everything went well in Utah for Grandpas Funeral I was thinking about all of you guys on Thursday wondering how everyone was feeling. I have reflected this week alot about Grandpa Cahoon. I know he is in a much better place and will be helping all of us in our life journeys. Send my love to Grandpa Val and everyone I love them so much. Wow Mom I love all the holiday plans. Be sure to eat alot of Turkey for me this week. Here in Guatemala Thanksgiving doesnt really exist haha Got to love all the american holidays. Thursday will be a normal day but I will be sure to celebrate in my own little way haha. The good thing is this is the last Thanksgiving I will miss. Tell Aaron I say hi and that I love him. Give him my email I want to hear for him one of these days. 

Well not a whole lot to report this week but we have been working hard and finding some new people to teach. We found a woman we contacted in the street named Ir she is great. We finally found her in her house and she invited us right in. After talking for a while she expressed to us a deep desire to change her life and to come closer to God. She lost one of her daughters about three years ago and it has been a huge trial in her life. We set a baptismal date with her for the 21st of Decemeber. I really hope she starts to progress and can find the peace she is looking for. Me and Elder A are really searching for some new people who have been prepared to hear this message. We also were able to find a new family this week that let us in and we were able to answer alot of questions they have about the church. We then started teaching about the plan of salvation and one of the hermanas just got so excited as she told us that very day she was pondering about her purpose in life and where she came from. We taught her exactly that and she is really interested. I love moments like that in the mission. I think alot of times we take for granted the knowledge we do have. I know who I am, where I came from and where im going to go after this life. This knowledge gives us an anchor in the raging sea of life.

The stake presidency called me this week on Wendsday and asked me to speak in stake conference!!!!!!!! I was like "WHAT" alright so I spoke in the adult session on saturday. That was the first time I have spoken in stake conference in my life haha. I usually dont get nervous but I was sweating up there haha. I spoke about the retention of recent converts and how we can be freinds with and support those who are baptized members of the church. This is actually something really important. In this stake the retention of recent converts isnt good at all. Everthing went well though haha. On Sunday we had a Stake conference session that came in by sattelite from salt lake to all the stakes in Guatemala. It was really cool because President Eyring and Elder Scott spoke! Elder Scotts talk was the coolest because he knows spanish. He spoke about the importance of mothers and the divine worth of women. Wow it was so powerful. Not going to lie he got me all teared up. His talk caused me to reflect on all the great women who have influenced my life. First my wonderful mother who has given me so much. I owe everthing to you mom. Thanks for always supporting and loving me. Then my wonderful Grandmothers who have taught me so much. I sure love my Grandmothers. I have had many other aunts and freinds that have had a huge effect on my life. Dad thanks for always teaching me to respect and protect women. I remember you teaching me how I should treat my dates and do the little things. We cannot forget to do the little things like opening up doors, helping, and reminding women that they are loved and respected.

We are going to have a mini Zone conference tomorrow with President Watts. I am excited to learn something new and to have another good week in our area. 

I found a quote this week that I wanted to share with you guys

"You know sometimes you think yourself into unhappiness and depression. But did you know you can think yourself into happiness? By positive thinking, you will be well, you will prosper, and your prayers will be answered. Become the master of your thoughts. Stop thinking about how tough life is, stop worrying about the future and the past, think of Gods riches and love and express those thoughts daily, you will become what you think"

As Thanksgiving day approaches I think it is so refreshing to remember what God has given us and to give thanks. Gratitude makes what we do have enough. I am so grateful for my loving family and this gospel that guides and directs my life. I am grateful for the priviledge I have to serve the Lord for two years. It can be easy here when the holidays approach to miss home. I do miss you all so much but I know I am exactly where the lord needs me and for that I am grateful. I hope you all have a great week and watch some football for me ahahaha.

Until next week!

Elder Hughes

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