Monday, December 2, 2013

Hola from Rocklin | week 61

Elder Brooks, one of the best friends I have made out here.

Hey coming at you guys a little earlier today!

Wow im glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving. I was thinking about you guys on thursday haha. I was on a division with another Elder from the States so we had our own little celebration with a hot fudge sundae at McDonalds. Tell Aaron I say Hi where is he living now? Utah?. Dad thanks for the message on Gratitude. I love that quote that "Gratitude is one of the most important human virtues and one of the most common human deficiencies." 

Well im doing good. Not going to lie this week has been one of those tough ones. I guess life and the mission cant always be roses and sunshine haha. Thats part of the mission and I have had weeks like this in the past. It just seemed like nothing was working. Alot of our appointments fell through and It seemed like nothing went our way. These are the times when I have really relied on prayer. We can only control so many things and then we have to put our problems and situations in the hands of the lord. He is like that clutch hitter who is in the clean up spot in the baseball line up. When runners are on base and the game is tight he always seems to come through and knock them in haha. There is my sports analogy of the week.
Me and Elder Kapp on Thanksgiving,
We ate Paches haha Its like a tamale with potatoes
Our investigator Ir was doing great to start the week. Everything was going great. One of our appointments fell on Friday and Saturday and then when we went to go get her on Sunday morning she was gone. We went to look for her on Sunday night and she was acting super weird. Idk! I have just learned to laugh instead of getting frustrated. Alot of the Zone has been having some struggles in their areas too. We have conselio with President Watts this week which should help us know how to move forward.

We get change calls next Sunday! I really feel like Im going to have a change but we will see what happens. In the mission we are going to open up some new zones outside of the capital which should be pretty cool. Who knows whats going to happen though. Oh and President Watts just gave us permission to use SKYPE this Christmas. Im not sure if im going to be here in this area or somewhere else so we will see what happens. 

I want to share a poem this week haha

I left a quiet harbor
In favor of another, I know not where
But at first, there are seas to cross
and storms to brave
how could I prefer the foreign deeps 
to the encircling arms of the bay
Because there are some things 
that can only be learned at sea.
Yes my craft is watertight
I can navigate the unknown
And lo, the wind that fills my sails
blow from home

There are alot of things in life that can only be learned at sea. I am so grateful for the oppourtunity I have been given to serve others. Thanks for your support and love. Like the poem says the wind that fills my sails blows from home. I am anxious to see what happens this week with changes. Hey If you guys have any questions for me feel free to ask. Sometimes I run out of things to talk about. I love you guys so much. Enjoy this holiday season. Isnt this the best time of the year. I think its because everyone in the world centers themselves a little bit more on Christ. Have a great week and we will be talking soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Hughes

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