Monday, December 16, 2013

Feliz Navidad | week 63

This week I sent both boys a list of questions to answer. I am highlighting the questions. A very interesting read!

Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew coming at you guys a little later today! Wasn't able to write in the morning. Im glad you guys are doing well and enjoying all the Christmas Activities. And what is this with opening one present a day hahaha. And Zach is heading to Disneyland woohooo! Thats funny because this afternoon I was just talking to one of the elders in the Zone about disneyland haha. 

Ok I would love to answer your questions for ya!

Where am I serving? Right now I'm in an area called asuncion. Its in the zona 5 of Guatemala, City. We do a lot of walking. There are three parts to our area. One part called Santo Domingo where most of the members live. Lots of hills and don't houses haha. La Chacara is the ghetto area. Not the most pleasant place to hang out but we have investigators there and some member families. Compared to my other areas its pretty similar to llano largo. Pretty humble settings but there are some residential areas that are a lot nicer too.

Apartment? We live in a little first story apartment. Its pretty simple got a little kitchen study room and bedroom. The bathroom is super small hahaha You can practically take a shower, brush your teeth and clean the toilet all at the same time haha

Food? and My favorite? I love the food here in Guatemala. They eat ALOT of black beans, eggs and chicken. One dish I love is called caldo de pollo. They make it in many different ways but its soooo good.

Craziest thing that has happened to me? Hmmm well I have some good stories for when I get home. Thats a really hard question to answer. Probably when one of my companions woke up screaming my name in the middle of the night telling me that there was people in our house. haha. I will have to explain that one later on hahahah.

Best thing about the mission? Another tough one. I love helping these people grow closer to the Lord and find the peace they are looking for. Experiencing that and seeing people change just never gets old. 

Hardest thing about the mission? Working through trials and having patience with yourself, the people and your companion hahah.

What have I learned most? I have learned that our Father in Heaven loves each one of his children individually and that we must trust him. Accept his will in our lives and love EVERYONE!

Am I doing things I never thought possible? Yes haha. I never really thought that I would be able to walk around in a foreign country, speak their language, and help others come unto Christ. I always tell my comps that I feel like someone is behind me pushing me all the time. I don't understand how I get up in the mornings ready to take one a new day of challenges. The Lord blesses his missionaries with His strength. I marvel at it every day.

Hows my spanish? Well I definitely know the language. I still learn lots of new words. Most of them are obscure uncommon words that you don't normally hear. I feel really comfortable and for most of the week Im thinking, dreaming and talking in spanish. My english has taken a hit hahah I still have a lot to learn though!

What am I hoping to accomplish in the time I have left? I want to reach my full potential as a missionary and bring as many people I can to Christ and his church. I have a lot I need to improve and the lord has a way of showing you weaknesses that must be strengthened and changed.

Mom I loved the story of your new found friend. Its amazing how the lord puts us in the path of others. I have learned out here that the there are NO such things as coincidences here in this life. Our Heavenly father uses us to answer prayers and uses others to answer ours. I am doing great. We had a better week in our area and are hoping to see some more success in January here in Asucion. Have a great week and we will be talking soon! I know this work is true. I love it! Enjoy this time of year and let the spirit of Christ enter into your hearts. Love you all so much!

Elder Hughes
We took one of the awkward elder and hermana pics :)

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