Monday, November 18, 2013

Hmmmm..... What I would give for a pumpkin cookie | week 59

Hey Guys!

Well I love all the pictures. You guys got all decked out in oregon gear. Well Spencer is HOME! I cannot believe that. I love the pictures too I cannot imagine how excited Jamie and Mark were. Im excited to see him when I get home.

Thanks for letting me know about Great Grandpa Cahoon. I was hoping I would be able to have seen him one more time before he left this world. I have been thinking about him what a great example he was to all of his family. He was so funny too haha. Im going to miss going over there on Christmas with all the family and having the classic mustard ham. All of my Grandparents aunts uncles and everyone back home will be in my prayers this week. Mom, Dad, Give them all a hug for me and tell them I love them. Death is a step we are all going to have to take one day. Im grateful that Grandpa was able to live a good long life and I know he will be watching over us up there. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of Gods plan of Happiness. Isnt it nice to know that if we do the right things here on earth we can return to live with our father in heaven once again! I love this knowledge and I know Grandpa is in a much better place.

As for my week we had a good one! F was baptized on Saturday wooohoooo! He didnt smoke all week and we were able to finish teaching him. We gave him a blessing on Tuesday to help him get through the week and resist all of Satans temptations to smoke. He told us later on in the week that when we gave him the blessing he felt the spirit really strongly and was able to turn down offers he received from his co workers to "Just smoke one". It really has been such a blessing to work with F. The Bishopric is already getting his calling ready to work with the young men which would be perfect!

We were able to find some more people to teach this week. Now its just getting them to church on Sunday. We started working with a woman named S who had a derrame i think that is hemorage in english haha Im forgeting words this is so bad. But her husband is inactive and served a mission. He has been working on coming back to church and we want to help. There are alot of other people but it would take a while to explain them all haha.

As a zone we are really trying to move the work forward and have success. Sometimes I feel stressed by all the responsibility and little problems we have to deal with. But the one thing ive learned about life is that it always seems to work out. Sometimes we get feelling overwhelmed by alot of the stresses but looking back its funny to see how those things helped me learn and grow. 

I love you all so much. In this thanksgiving time of the year i give thanks to my Father in Heaven who has given me so much. Such a wonderful family, freinds, and this Gospel that guides and protects me. The best way we can show gratitude to God for all of these blessings is by keeping his commandaments and giving our time and service to others. Lets show our gratitude to God and our families by serving them. Just look for little things!

I love you all and I know that this work is true. Have a great week and never give up!


Elder Hughes

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