Monday, February 25, 2013

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Hola mi familia! 

Hey guys! Well hope your all having a great Monday! Wow alot of big stuff happened this week here in the mission Guatemala Norte. As Mom already knows our mission is getting split. We got a call on Thursday morning that we had to meet together as a district to open a letter from President Watts. CRAZY! So Guatemala North is getting split so that all the areas outside of the capital like coban, polichic, peten, and verepaz will constitute the new Mission North. While the remaining fiive stakes and an additional four more stakes will be moved to the new Mission Este (Or East). This is pretty nuts. President and Hermana Watts will be here in Mission Este while the new North mission will receive a new President. This is all going to take place at the end of June. For me right now I would be in the Mission Este so to make it simple this change on the 6th is going to be huge for me. President told us that all of the changes in our mission would be normal until the switch. He is inspired and receives revealation for all of the mission so im going to be where the Lord wants me to be! 

A little about the week! It has been busy. We have been working really hard with our investigators to help them progress. I felt the spirtit guide our lessons this week. It is amazing how it works. We are merely messengers of a much greater teacher... the spirit! We baptized J on Saturday which was saweeet! The Zls also baptized a woman from their area on Saturday. J and his dad were just so happy. There are just so many details to this week I cant really decide sometimes what is the most important to write.

Some funny moments this week for Language study one day me and Elder G decided to teach Elder O the National Anthem of the United States complete with american flag tie and flag in the background hahahah! Hilarious. Number two this week. I think I had the worst tasting drink ive ever tasted in my life hahahah. We were given a drink by a member this week called "Arroz con Cascara de piña" or in english liquified rice with fermented pineapple juice that ferments for five days hahahahahah They love it here. Me and Elder G almost couldn't drink it all. Because remember you literally have to eat everything people give you or your going to see a civil war break out hahaha. Definitely once in a lifetime drink ha.

Im running out of time but I want to share a few thoughts I found this week in the Liahona or the Ensign. There is an article on integrity by Tad R Callister that I recommend to everyone. He highlights seven points of Integrity. Our integrity simply is who we are when no one is watching. What makes up our personal foundation of character, honesty, and truth. I loved a quote he shared " The man of Integrity who is true to self and Gad will choose the right whether or not anyone is looking because he is self driven not externally controlled" Elder Callister challenges us to look at our foundation of integrity. If there are any cracks or flaws we need to rip it out completely and replace it with the solid foundation of truth, honesty and true integrity. I have personally reflected on my past this week and recommitted personally to always have integrity. Because when we are true to ourselves and God we then in turn can be completely true to everyone around us. I love the gospel and the light it brings into my life and the life of others. The mission teaches me something new daily. 

I love my family and freinds! Thanks for all your support and love it means the world to me! This week is going to be exciting. Sunday night I will know if I have a change! I know Christ lives and knows us each personally. He knows how to succor, and help us through every trial. Rely on him. He is the rock of our salvation and our redeemer.

Love Elder Hughes

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