Monday, February 11, 2013


Hola familia! Como les ha ido!

Hope you guys had a great week back in the Rock town! I had a good week here in Guatemala! I have some good stories and experiences to share from another week in the mission feild. Sounds like the Super Bowl was exciting. Here in Central America I dont think many people know what that is HA! Im proud of the Niners! Go norcal Giants and the Niners what an exciting time. Mom and Dad loved the pics from your trip, you guys look great! How old are you guys like 25 or 26! I love San Francisco definetly cannot wait to make it back there again. So you guys are wondering about my white watch huh? It was a gift actually, someone from my district in the CCM gave it to me. 

First order of business.... Thanks for the package Jamie Voges and the youth of the ward! Wow I just loved it. You guys dont even realize how much that stuff means to me. Thanks for your notes of encouragement and all that was inside. You honestly cannot find that kind of stuff here in Guatemala. And just to let you guys know all that candy and stuff from the states tastes super good so enjoy it! I also got letters for Keri Hodgson, Julie Smith, Rachel Buxton, and a Christmas Card from Faith and the liberty square girls! Thanks so much. Promise I will write back. It really is nice to hear from you all so thank you!

A little bit about this week... Pretty funny way to start off our week. Probably about two or three days a week here we dont have running water. When we left our house last Monday morning we didnt have any. As we returned home to the house Monday night we definetly had water. About two or three inches of it all over our floor HAHAHA! Somehow the faucet got left on and while we were gone the water turned on and our house filled HA! We were laughing pretty hard at the whole situation. Because literally seconds before walking in we were cheering and yelling "Hay Agua!" or there is water! We spent most of the night soaking towels and finding creative ways to get all this water out of our house. Thankfully all of my important things were up on shelves so all is good. 

This week was good! It felt really good to have a more normal week in the mission. I feel like the last month has been pretty crazy! We are teaching alot of different people and families right now. This week it seemed like nobody was home. I think I walked more in this week than I have before. My area is not flat at all lots of hills and stairs to climb. Its crazy how conditioned you get in weeks like this. As a companionship we have been focusing alot on inviting people to be bapized. We invited 7 people to be baptized this week which was awesome! In total we placed five new baptismal dates. Two younger girls named A and M. And three members of the M family! I love these people so much. Sometimes its hard to tell if they are going to progress because none of them got to Church on Sunday but we will see. There are always lots of challenges to overcome with these investigators. But with the help of the Lord everything is possible. People just have to act and show their faith in Christ by keeping his commandments. We are working really hard and trying to get some of these investigators to progress. That will be our focus this next week also!

I will definetly keep Grandpa Cahoon in my prayers. My first thought when I heard that Josh decided to stop by and found him was the spirit. I definetly feel that the Lord guided Josh to Grandpa. Uncle Josh I feel grateful that you were able to be there at the right time! I love you guys! All of my family I think and pray for you guys daily. I just want share a few thoughts I had this week. I think its important to always remember to LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its easy sometimes to go to church and kind of go through the motions. Joseph Smith stated it well "When you joined the Church you enlisted to serve god. When you did that you left normal ground, and you can never go back" We cant go back. As we apply and live the Gospel principles our lives are enriched and changed. I promise that as we LIVE the gospel we can receive peace and joy in this life and in the life to come. I know this church is true. The Savior Jesus Christ knows and loves each and everyone of us personally. What an amazing truth. Trust in Christ and in his Church. I testify that he truly leads his church and his work.

I love you all! Have a great week and dont forget to SMILE!

Elder Hughes

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