Monday, February 11, 2013

Heating up here in the Guat! | Week 19

Hola mi querido familia!
Sounds like all is well in Rocklin! Its been pretty hot here which is kind of weird because its Febuary. Wow Riley is a licensed (sorry mom I dont think I can spell anymore my english is getting terrible) Thats so cool I cant really imagine him cruising around woah! I think its super cool that you have the elders over alot. Kind of funny that one of them reminds you of me. I,m gonna have to meet him one day. I am praying for Grandpa Cahoon sounds like its been a rough stretch for him. Tell Aaron I say hi! I think about him down here. I love you Aaron your a stud!
Wow time is flying by. Spanish is improving everyday. I am beginning to really adjust to speaking and hearing it all the time. I have alot to learn but its coming. I finally feel like its not a huge problem or obstacle for me to communicate with people. I am a little anxious to see whats going to happen to me in a few weeks when this change ends! Who knows I could see myself staying here or leaving! Exciting stuff!
So a little bit about my week! Interesting week for us here in Llano Largo. We have a rule in our mission that we have to leave with a member after 5:30pm if we dont have a member with us we have to go strait back home. I love this rule it really forces us to work very closely with the members and develop strong relationships. It also helps protect us! However sometimes it can be difficult working around their schedules and especially when something happens right before we are supposed to meet up. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the house with our planners full of people to visit. This week was a tough one with the members. Three nights we were scrambling trying to find one last minute after our plans fell through.
Unfortunately alot of the investigators we have arent progressing. This happens alot here we teach set baptismal dates and invite people to church and nothing really happens after that HA! So we are always looking for the people who have been prepared and are going to progress. We were blessed last night to find a guy named P. We found his name in the Area book. He was taught twice by the missionaries here and when there were changes just kind of got lost in the mix. We taught him and his little brother M. P is a perfect investigator here. 23 years old has a good job, a house, doesnt work on Sundays and sicerely wants to learn and gain a testimony for himself. AHHH Perfect. So we are excited to work with some of these new investigators!
One experience I had this week stands out to me. Last night as we were walking down the street back to our house we ran into a member that lives in our colonial (Im not sure what to call it in english haha). She immediately was so happy to see us. She told us that she has been having a lot of problems in her marriage, with other family members, work and everything. Lots of things have just gone the wrong way for her the last week. She is active and a great member of the Church. She said she had been looking for us today to give her a blessing. We entered her house and gave her and her daughter blessings of comfort. Elder G gave her a blessing and I offered a blessing for her daughter. Right after we finished this faithful mother with tears streaming down her face just thanked us. We all felt the spirit and love that our Heavenly Father has for them very strongly. If anyone knows me Im not much of a cryer. None of us could hold back tears at this moment. I feel so privelidged to be put in situations to help people. Everytime I give someone a blessing the Lord gives me just a glimpse of the love he has for his children here on the earth. I can honestly testify that our Father in Heaven knows and loves us perfectly. I have felt his love for me and the people here in Guatemala. It is real.
B and F have both been at Church every Sunday after their baptisms! Nothing makes a missionary more happy than to see that. B is already beginning to prepare to serve a mission and we have set goals with F and V to get to the temple!
Im doing great I got letters from Sarina and Faith this week thanks so much!!!! Im working on letters right now for everyone that writes. Oh and got a Christmas Card from the Mayne family thanks guys. I have really felt close to the spirit this week. I know that personal revealation and conversion is so important. At some point in our lives we have to understand and gain a knowledge of these things for ourselves. We become converted over time as we apply the gospel and scriptures in our daily lives. I love being a missionary! I feel so privelidged to be a representative of Christ. Everyday I put the nametag on I stand in front of the mirror contemplating my purpose and my calling. I love my family and freinds. I thank my Heavenly Father daily for all of the blessings I have received in my life.
Have a great week everyone! Look for the small mercies and miracles everyday. I promise if we look we will always find them.
Con amor,
Elder Hughes
 Fine Dining in Guatemala
 Catching a ride home in a police car!

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