Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your Insides want to be on your Outsides | week 6

Hi Family!!!
Happy thanksgiving!!! It was kind of weird being gone
for the first holiday. But we just did the same thing we always do
here so didn’t feel different to me. They did make us some
Guatemalan style thanksgiving dinner which was awesome. So we tried to
stuff ourselves the best we could! 
Ok busy week this week. It’s getting down to crunch time with
only about a week and a half left until the field! 
Very excited but nervous also! I set some new goals for the
district this week and have been trying to set a good example of
diligence and obedience. After spending 8 weeks sitting in a classroom
it can be difficult for missionaries to remember our purpose and why
we are here…to prepare. So that has been good. My district has been
sick alot and we have had a bad cold going around so I had the opportunity
to give some blessings! 
Well I have quite the story to tell. On Wednesday I felt pretty crappy.
We walked up to the temple and for lunch we had fish.
Which isn’t my favorite meal here at the CCM. So
two hours later I felt terrible. In the middle of a meeting I had to
book it up stairs and then the fireworks began! I puked 4 times
for like 3 hours! It’s funny thinking about it now but at the time
when you’re in church clothes in a Guatemalan bathroom and as Brian
Regan says "your insides want to be on your outsides" not a fun
feeling.  By far the worst part of my mission so far. Not going to lie
mom, all I wanted was a big hug on Wednesday! But it’s all good now. By
the end of that night I felt alot better. I think it was just
something I ate. From what people tell me, I should get used to
stuff like that! So, that’s my exciting story of the week.  I
have now seen and tasted Guatemala at its finest and I don’t think I’m
going to be able to eat fish ever…ever again. Wow! The mission
is full of so many experiences. I wish I could tell you guys all of
I have challenged myself to read the book of Mormon in two weeks.
I love that book so much. I can’t get enough of it….seriously!
Tell Sarina congrats about the engagement. I’ve been thinking
about her this week! How exciting!! I wish I could be there to see that
special day! 
Hodgsons thanks for the letter! I got that on Wednesday
night which was exactly what I needed so thanks again! 
Dad I’m friends with an elder here named Andrew C who works up at Camp Loll
with Mr. Conner! I talked with him about that for a while.Small world!
 I’m glad you guys had a good thanksgiving! How fun was
six flags? And snowboarding as well!  Riley and Zach will probably be
pros by the time I get back! Mom you got all of your holiday stuff up?
I’m going to miss that... but I’m excited to spend the
holidays with the people down here too! I’m doing well!  Just trying to
become the missionary the lord needs me to be. There are some tough
moments sometimes but the lord always lifts you higher! I love having
the opportunity to serve my district the best I can. Still have comp
problems sometimes but just trying to help him any way I can. 
What am I grateful for this thanksgiving?? Number one having an amazing
family! I can’t tell you guys how blessed I feel to have been raised in
such a great home! There is no substitute for a righteous mother! Mom
you are the best and being on the mission opens your eyes even more.
You have done so much for me and I just feel so blessed! 
For my packages…. whatever you think I would
like. It’s hard to think of things. Maybe a way I could listen to church
music. Maybe an old iPod along with some little speakers.
That’d be kind of nice!
I know this church is true and it blesses families so much. I love sharing that
message with others. Family is central to god and this church. We can
find true happiness and peace within our homes and church service! I
know this church is true. It is burning in my heart. I love my mission!
Good times and the difficult ones. It’s all part of the journey.
LOVE you all. Sorry I wish I could write more. I will have
more time in the field!
Elder Tanner Hughes

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