Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We are having a "White" Christmas in Guatemala! | Week 11

 One of Gammons recent converts has a house near us and yes a porsche! 
Nicest thing we will see in Guat! haha


Well what an awesome week it was here in Guatemala. Its crazy we baptized B on Saturday! Me and Elder G feel so blessed we were able to open this area and immediately find B who has been prepared by the hand of the Lord to be baptized. When we arrived he had already attended church four times! So the end of last week and this week we had to teach Bruno the first four lessons so he could be ready for Saturday. All of our lessons went well and we could really feel the spirit in all of them. On Friday in our last lesson it ended up just being Elder G, me and B because the members were gone for some reason. As we were teaching the spirit literally guided our words... to make a long story short he all of a sudden opens up and tells us about dreams he has had about his family and the church WOAH! The people here in Central America have a lot of specific dreams/revelations, that's definitely a gift the people have here. And B asked me to baptize him crazy! We had a service on saturday with some families in the ward. Things here in the church are not as organized as in the states, thats for sure, but it all worked out. But we baptized him, the spirit was so strong and as I was walking out of the font the water literally started to get warm it was such a cool moment. I will send pictures, it's one of the coolest things I've had the privilege to be a part of in my life. I love this guy and we want to work with his mom she is a great woman. So that was definitely the highlight of the week but there was so much more crammed into this week as well. Elder G and I feel so blessed by the Lord in all that we have been given this week. And we are working hard everyday to learn and do the Lords will in his work.

I'm really starting to settle in here in my area. We finally feel like we know where were going and we have been spending alot of time working with the members here. There is a whiteboard in our apartment just filled with names of members and references we are trying to contact. I love these people here in Guatemala me and Elder G always talk about them and how our capacity to love others just changes and grows on our missions. I think it was Friday we had a amazing day! I have never felt more guided by the spirit to go specific places and have things work out the way the Lord needs things to work out. 

There were definitely some challenges for us this week. Wednesday nothing worked for us at all. Literally all our lessons fell through which isnt very fun when you walk forever to get there HA! But it always amazes me how the Lord blesses us after the trial of our faith because the next day everything worked so well! My spanish is improving. Honestly learning spanish and being able to communicate well is one of the toughest things I've ever done. I really saw a big improvement from this week compared to last week. So I'm just trying to keep studying hard. Sometimes I just have to be more patient with myself. It's going to take some time and as long as I have the spirit miracles can happen.

Sounds like everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit back home! I love this time of year. Honestly Christmas is really different here. Its kind of weird cause its 80 degrees and sunny! Feels like a summer day in California. We bought some ghetto christmas lights and hung them up in our apartment haha! We had a family night with some memebers last night with a gift exchange which totally reminded me of home! Not sure exactly what were doing for Christmas I think we might go sing Carols to the members but I'm not sure. Im so excited to talk to you guys ahhh! The members and people here eat a ton of tomales here for Christmas. At first they are different but I love them. They also always give us something called ponche which is like a cider kind of drink with tons of different fruit in there. 

So some funny/interesting things this week. The busses here are crazy and we ride them all the time because our area is massive. You would not believe how many people they fit in these things. I mean we are mega tight. Its hilarious as we go to exit and I always have to look at Elder G, there is no way we can get to the exit over there HA! Two big gringos walking through all these people! It is unbelievable to me how these people live. Life has a different outlook here. Its more about survival than anything. I have been brought to tears a few times seeing some of these kids and families that live in such desperate conditions. Many of the men cant find jobs and when they do have one they work a ton of hours for so little. We really cannot complain about anything in the States. I have been blessed beyond belief with my home, family, and oppourtunities to be successful. This is what makes the message we carry so important. The gospel can bless and enrich our lives tremendously. So as we sit in a warm house around family friends and love, all I ask is that we thank our Heavenly Father daily for everything in our lives. Gratitude is an eternal principle and I know that this Christmas season I'm grateful for my wonderful family, friends and abundance of blessings in my life. I know that Jesus the Christ lives. I have seen his spirit and his teachings change the lives and hearts of people here. He has changed my life forever and most of all this Christmas season I give thanks to him. What a wonderful season to show your gratitude.

Mom i love the pics! And the ones of Riley and Zach look awesome!! I have some good looking brothers thats for sure. I have been thinking about you guys especially this time of the year. I love my family! I talk about you guys all the time too! Im glad things are going well. Tell Sarina I got her letter today! Made my day and I will write back promise! I love this work. I feel so much joy as I serve these people here. All the work, stress and frustration is swallowed up in the joy we feel as we serve and bring others unto Christ. Enjoy the Christmas season and capture it in your heart. I love you all!! 

Elder Hughes!

I dont know if you have the mailing address for the mission now. Always have people send everything to this adress for the entire mission. 

Mision Guatemala Norte
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala CA

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