Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surprise e-mail | week 8

Hey surprise email!!!!! 
They let us email today before we leave tomorrow! I can’t believe it ahhhh! So I hope you are all doing well
back home. I can’t believe its December already. So I leave here about
8:30am tomorrow to go to the mission home. I’m so pumped to go and
excited to see who my trainer is and where my new area is located. The last two months
just flew by so fast! I feel like I have had so many growing experiences.
I fasted for Tyler on Sunday. So send him my love. I’ve been
thinking about him. I bet we will get back from our missions at the
same time now ha! So the last couple days have been a bit different
here. Nothing to crazy, just getting our last preparations in before we
leave. I’m going to miss the new friends I have made here at the ccm.
I just loved my district and I had the opportunity to give three
blessings last night before everyone started leaving. Wow the power of
the priesthood is real! My testimony has strengthened alot here at ccm
and I’m so excited to start sharing this amazing message with others.
There is nothing more important in the world than this message I get
to share. I know this church is true and can change and bless the
lives of all people. 
I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot…. Mom, Dad, Riley, Zach and all who read these.
I just love you guys so much! I’m so excited to call you guys for Christmas in a few weeks!
Who knows where I’m going to be then?!?! 
Some interesting news for you guys. Elder Christofferson is coming from the quorum of the twelve in
January. So there is a chance I will get to meet him. That’s kind of
cool! I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow. I’m glad you are going to
be able to talk to Taylor! And tell him sorry I haven’t been able
to respond to his emails because I haven’t had enough time to
write you guys while I’ve been here. But they give us more time to
email in the field so that will be better. 
Mom the picture of Rachel was great btw! Whew model status! Tell
Rachel Hi for me. I’m glad you guys got to visit them this last week.How
fun is that!!!! 
Well I don’t know exactly what to say. Nothing new to write. 
Just that I’m so excited!!! And a bit nervous to go out! I am a very happy elder!
The gospel along with obedience makes you happy.
I feel so blessed to have such good parents, brothers, and friends! I
feel so blessed in my life. I know there are going to be challenges,
especially in the next couple weeks. But I know this is the Lords work
and those he calls he qualifies. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and
know he lives. His church has been restored on the earth today through
a latter-day prophet Joseph Smith. The book of mormon is true. That one
book alone has changed my life. Wow I love this church. Farewell
MTC……on to the real work. Tomorrow is going to be a huge day. Thanks
for all your support and love! Not sure when I will email next but I think
President Watts and his wife will send you a picture of us at the mission
home! Have a great week! And remember to serve someone! Go out of
your way to do something for someone else…… good or small!  
Elder Hughes!

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