Monday, August 11, 2014

E Changes | week 97

Hey guys!

Well it has been a crazy P Day! We got a call this morning from President Crapo and there were problems with a Zone Leader outside of the capital and we have Emergency changes. Elder G was sent to Chiqimula and I got a new companion today! Im sad Elder G and I have been doing great together. I love him so much! But I know that it is what the Lord wants. I am now training a new ZL Elder R from Honduras. He was just as suprised this morning when they called and told him about his changes.

But aside from that all is well haha! Im glad you guys are doing well. Im glad you talked to Erwin he told me that he found you and chatted for a while. I told him to look for you guys Haha. Erwin is so awesome he has helped us out so much here. He is the first person here that can really talk to you guys in English.

We had a good week! Some of our Investigators have been facing some opposition and problems but they are getting there. H is going to be baptized this week! Im so excited for him he was definetly led to the church in an improtant time in his life. Wendsday night he will be baptized.

We had some great lessons this week with G an investigator we have who has been progressing. He really wants to make changes in his life and is willing to learn and humble himself before God! We taught him the plan of salvation which really hit home. Its amazing how many people dont know what their purpose in life is.

We have a great Bishop here in Sion! Obispo Baltrons loves missionary work and is so funny! The culture here is that if we hit the goals we set he takes us out to pizza haha! We hit our goal last month and when we called him this morning about the E changes he left his job and took us to pizza hahaha. Its amazing how much the members here trust in the missionaries.

Its going to be a little different this week! New companion but Im excited. I told the Bishop today Im going to give it everything ive got for my last little bit here! 

I love this work and I just love being able to walk down the streets and teach those around me the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I have learned alot about repentance here in Guatemala. We all really have a need to repent. Its kind of like carrying a really heavy backpack. There are so many people who are burdened down by sin and the chains of addiction. Repentance is the only way to take the backpack off and rest in Christ. Christ atoned for each one of our sins but he has given us the oppourtunity to come unto him and take off our backpacks. I know that God wants to forgive us. Christ has opened the door we just have to walk through it. I personally know this is true. True sincere repentance of sin brings peace, and love. His grace is sufficient to heal us. Go to him.

I hope you all have a great week. Keep doing great things. Dont forget the small stuff!


Elder Hughes

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