Monday, July 21, 2014

HOLA! | week 94

Hey guys!

Thanks for the Email Mom your words of encouragement and love always help me and motivate me. I'm glad you are home safe and sound that was quite the trip you guys had. Talking with Dad last week he was missing you. I know what you mean about drawing a blank sometimes... haha. I love you all so much.

Well we got change calls last night and I'm staying in Sion! WOOOO! I was pretty excited President told all the Zls on Tuesday that quite a few of us were going to be training this change. Elder G and I are excited to be staying here together for another change.

We started the week off with leadership conference with President and all the Zone leaders. It was really different than what we were used to but it went well. The mission is taking on a new style haha. Its interesting how the missionaries and the mission adapts to a new mission president. President taught us about how we can really help our investigators obey the commandments. We missed Hermana Watts food but Hermana Crapo is a huge exercise fanatic. Haha She had all the zone leaders doing exercizes to start the meeting hahaha. She taught us how we can improve our exercises in the mornings. I have been doing mine pretty much through the whole mission but I just keep getting skinnier haha. I have lost like 15-20 pounds hahah. Im not sure why I think from walking alot and the different food.

Some stories this week. The Hermanas in our zone have been teaching a woman who with just a week left for her baptism was rushed to the hospital. The Doctors found a big tumor in her brain... kind of scary. We have been working with the hermanas to help her. We have been searching for ways so that she can be baptized. We joined the Hermanas in a fast for Elizabeth and President Crapo sent us to the hospital on Thursday and Friday to see if we could talk the Doctors into letting her our of the hospital for an hour so that she may be baptized. We interviewed Elizabeth on Thursday and had a really cool experience as I talked to her about repentance I felt the spirit so strong it washed over us and I couldnt even talk with tears in my eyes. I cant even remember what she said I just rememer feeling the purity of her testimony and repentance. We returned on Friday to talk with the Head nurses and Doctors but they wouldnt let her leave for a little bit. So kind of a bummer but we have faith that she will be baptized in the future we just hope everything goes well with her treatments.

The Olsons the senior couple went with us to hospital on Friday as we left the building........ hahaha Well I have a story for you guys that will be better told after the mission..... hahaha

I am grateful for the healthcare and hospitals we have in the United States. General Hospitals here in Guatemala is a whole different experience. BE GRATEFUL!

My testimony of Preisthood power has grown alot in the mission. We have seen more miracles in our area from preisthood blessings. I was feeling pretty sick on Sunday afternoon I have had a cold the last couple of days. I asked Elder G for a blessing and we left to vistit. I felt way better and without any problems.

Hermana L and A are to be baptized this coming Saturday. After some struggles Hermana L is ready to be baptized. She came into contact with the church when she was 9 years old and about 25 years later she is ready to enter into the waters of baptism. I think she knows more about the church than I do haha. 

A is the sister of a recent convert here in Sion. She is doing so great and is SO excited for her baptism.

Well things are going great! The Lord has blessed me so much. I am really feeling good and learning more than ever. I am commited to making these changes permanent in my life. We are all on a journey. We know where we want to go. We know how we can get there. Now it is time to act and do what the Lord has told us. I love Brigham Youngs wise words "There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and its to do good, to promote righteousness and to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail up themselves and everbody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life"

I love this gospel and the peace it brings to my life. I love my family and the truths I learned while I was young. They have stuck with me and helped me along the way. I love you all so much. Have a great week and keep doing great things!


Elder Hughes

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