Monday, July 28, 2014

Greetings from Guatemala | week 95

Hey guys! 

Thanks for the update Dad. I'm glad that Riley and Zach had a great time on their high adventure trip. Backpacking in Tahoe. Riley im so pumped that you have gotten into Golf and Go Pro haha. You are going to have to update me. I think alot of things have changed while Ive been here in Guatemala. I cannot believe Zach is going to starting High School Whew time flies!

We had a CRAZY week! I think I always say that but honestly here in Molino and in this area we are very busy. On Tuesday we had to get everything set up in the Stake Center for change conference. We had to get up at 4:30am haha. President has done the changes differently. It was a longer meeting and we all ate lunch afterward. We then were in charge of cleaning everything haha. I think we left at like 6:00pm. Long day. 

We have continued to see so many blessing in our area this week. The work is thriving here in Sion and the whole ward is getting involved. Hermana L and A were baptized on Saturday! Everything went great we were running around getting everything ready to go. The culture here is funny because alot of things dont get organized well so we are always running around for the baptisms. L was so happy! She bore her testimony afterward and cried. She has been working toward this day for so long and it finally came. I am just glad that the Lord gave me the oppourtunity to be a small part of it.

L was baptized in the afternoon and we combined a ward missionary work activity with A baptism. When we started lots of members were there for the open house activity but didnt bring any friends with them haha. The bishop stood up and asked that everyone go and find a less active family or non member to bring to the activity and that it would start an hour later. Everyone left! And in an hour we filled the chapel. It was a miracle! We had most of our investigators there to see A's Baptism and to go through an open house. We were so happy.

We can just feel the missionary spirit starting to spread in the ward. On Sunday there were 215 people in Sacrament meeting. We have been moving up from 180. We had to bring in extra chairs so that everyone would fit.

I have forgoten to tell you guys that we started english classes in the ward every Saturday at 10. We have had lots of people coming and it has been a blessing to be able to teach english. There is a return missionary here named Erwin who has helped us alot. He served in Idaho and is like our best freind here. Always willing to help us.

Ahhh I feel so blessed. I have been studying and thinking alot this week about humility. I love a talk that was given in General conference October 2013 by Ulisses Soares called Be meek and lowly of heart. I think we all can improve on these character traits. Being meek and humble is a really improtant part of our own personal progress. When our "soil" is soft and teachable the seeds God has planted within each of us begin to grown and expand. But when our "soil" is hard and dry nothing grows. I have seen this in the lives of many people. The people who progress in life and in the gospel do so because they are humble and teachable, willing to obey and submit to the will of God. Elder Soares said that "Being meek does not mean weakness, but it does mean behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self worth and self control." Are we patient with others? Tolerant and forgiving of their mistakes and shortcomings? I hope we can all develop these attributes. They are going to help us progress in all areas of our lives.

I love this work. I know its true. And I love the people here in Guatemala. Thank you for your prayers. I hope we can have a great week! I love you all so much.

Elder Hughes

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