Monday, July 14, 2014

Im running out of......T......I......T.....L.....E.....S | week 93

Hey guys! 

Thanks for the emails. Im glad everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer adventures. Zach good luck with football camp you will do great. Just do the very best you can and "Finish the Drill" as Coach Gimenez always said. I will be praying and rooting for you! Remember that with football there is a strange phenomenon that when you hit running full speed you wont get hurt. So dont hit soft it always hurts more haha. Mom I hope your doing well in your photography conference out there in Texas. Have you seen Aunt Meg and Uncle Brandon out there?

Well I dont have alot of time to write so I will try and keep it the most important things of the week! The Lord continues to bless us so much here in Sion. I have learned that It is the Lord the gives us success we just have to work hard and give it everything we have.

We found a sweet new family this week. The G family. It was such a simple contact. After one of our appointments fell through we saw a woman selling lunches in the street. Elder G and I both had a strong feeling that we needed to talk to her. We met L she was SO nice to us and just talking to her we felt like the Lord has been preparing her. We set a return appointement and began teaching her and her three children. They are so "Pilas" as we say here in Guatemala. They love learning about the gospel and they all came to church on Sunday for the first time.

The highlight of the week had to be the baptisms. The familia Y and Hermano M were all baptized on Saturday afternoon. Everything went great. We all felt the spirit and left happy and excited. I know that our assignments are inspired I love the people here and I know that the Lord sends us to certain people that specifically need our help. 

We are striving to baptize 8 this month. Its a stretch but we know its possible. We set a baptismal date this week with A whos brother was recently baptized. I have never met a more Christ centered 9 year old! Hermana L had some last minute obstacles with her baptism and so we are planning it again for the 26th.

Im at a loss for words today haha. I just have felt so blessed this week and throughout my whole mission. I have seen so many blessings and miracles in the lives of the people here and in my own life. I know without a doubt that this gospel is true. It blesses lives and calms the aching soul. Christ is our Savior and he rose again on the third day. I pray that we can all pray to know these things.

Have a great week and make everyday count. Read your scriptures and ponder on the words of the Living Prophets.

Love you all!

Elder Hughes

Riding in a Tuk Tuk. We use these three wheeled motorcycle things to go lots of places here in Guatemala.

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