Monday, May 26, 2014

:) | Week 86

Hey Guys!

Enjoy Memorial day. I have lost track of all the holidays in the United States haha. Riley and Zach are going to be getting out of school soon! Exciting. I loved all the updates and Dad i will be rooting for you! Im so glad your gonna be back into the traithlon. Where is the high adventure hike planned for?

I personally do not know an Elder Ward here but if I see one I will let you guys know haha.

I sure love you guys!

We had a really strangely crazy week here. While getting the wedding for R and J set up the lawyer we know could only do it on Tuesday so in about a day and a half we got all the stuff ready haha. We were running around like crazy people. It all went well and they had a simple but good wedding. They thanked us afterwards for what we did. Those are really the best moments in the mission. On Wednesday we had to make up for lost time so we did divisions in our area I left with a member and my companion with another so we were able to cover more ground.

Friday J was baptized  She was so happy and we all left with a great feeling inside. Im so excited for this family and I hope that things work out this time. R has been married a couple times before.

With alot of things to do this week we felt like never had a "normal" day haha. So we are looking forward to getting into a good rythmn this week. The lord has been blessing us alot. Sometimes in this part of Guetemala it can be interesting with how the church funcions. There are alot of people who face many challenges economically. Alot of the weight is on the missionaries to help, visit, and keep things under control haha.

We are preparing this week for our last zone conference with President and Hermana Watts. Im so sad. They are going to be heading home the 26th of June. It is going to be a special conference.

I have been thinking this week alot about people. In my service here in Guatemala I have met ALOT of people haha. Everyone of us is a child of god. We are all different and distinct with our own talents and weaknesses, strengths and defects. In the world there are many languages. I have had the chance to learn and interact with people using a language that I did not know before. But there is a language that we all can speak. And that is the language of love. There are so many people in the world that just need a little bit of love. We all have enough people that tell us we arent good enough or that we dont amount to anythings. That is how satan talks. We need more people that say " I love you " or " Dont give up ". I hope we can all let love be our purpose in all that we do. President Monson has said "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved"

I express my love to you. Thank you for all that you do for me. I love my dear family, freinds, and the people that I serve. I hope you know that. Have a great week! Adios!

Con amor,

Elder Hughes

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